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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 163

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Chapter 163

They soon arrived at the old mansion Grandma was all smiles when she heard that Diana was moving
back to the villa. She turned and asked Julian, “Where’s Kayla? Is she still living at the villa? I won’t
allow Diana to return there if that woman is still there!”

Diana felt her heart warm at Grandma’s words. It was touching how the old woman was always looking

for her.

It was obvious that Julian hadn’t considered that. He had wanted to bring Kayla back to the villa the
next day. but now that Grandma had brough

up this topic, he couldn’t help but reconsider.

It was inconvenient for Kayla to stay at the villa before his divorce from Diana was finalized, and it
would be bad for Kayla’s reputation if word got out that she was staying with Diana in the same villa.

On top of that, Grandma would also be angry.

Now that Kayla’s vocal cords were in a stable condition and it would be fine as long as she continued
going to checkups in the hospital, there wasn’t much need for her to be at the villa.

“I won’t let her return,” Julian replied. He would let her stay at the apartment he had given her before. It
was close to the town center, and it would be easier for her to go to the hospital for her checkups.

Since he and Diana needed to put up an act for his grandmother, he had to make sure it was realistic
so the older woman would soon drop her guard. When she did, he would have the chance to finalize
his divorce with Diana quietly.

Diana was stunned by his answer. She didn’t come back to her senses until she returned to the villa,
only to find the servants busy redecorating her bedroom. Even then, she was still confused.

What on earth was going on?

How did she return to the villa in a trance?

“Are you sure Kayla won’t be angry with you now that I’ve returned to the villa?” Diana asked, turning to
look at Julian, who was standing to the side.

“You seem very concerned about my relationship with Kayla,” Julian said, sounding unhappy, but Diana
was already used to his tone by now.

Sometimes, it was hard to be certain whether the warm, doting man she knew in her past three years
of marriage before Kayla appeared was an illusion.

“I’m not,” she said, looking away guiltily. She was afraid that Julian would see through her thoughts.

She only hoped they would be fine for as long as they could be, and give her baby plenty of time to

Julian narrowed his eyes and looked at her intensely when he heard her reply. When she noticed this,
Diana realized that she would never satisfy the man before her, no matter what she did or said, simply
because she

was not Kayla

Besides, it was also because of her that his sweetheart had been forced out of the mansion.

Diana considered this, and then told the servants to stop what they were doing. “I don’t want to stay in
this room.”

Kayla had lived in this room, making her feel uneasy about moving back here.

Julian was quick to disagree with her. “Why?”

After all, this was originally her room.

“Once we divorce and Kayla returns, she won’t be happy to see that the room’s filled with my things
again,” Diana said in a placating tone. “Oh, Julian. If you want to keep her, I suggest you listen to my
advice more.”

Diana was so considerate of him. She was his wife, yet she was doing something that no ordinary
person could tolerate: helping him defend and maintain his relationship with another woman.

How ridiculous!

Julian avoided her gaze and said, “Just stay here. There are no other rooms.”

There were so many other rooms in the villa. How was his statement possible?

Diana wanted to argue, but seeing how dark his face had gone, she didn’t object and sighed. “These
aren’t even my things, and it’s not like I’m the same person I was. We’re just putting up the act for
Grandma, so why does it matter where I stay?”

It had been less than a month. Though some things remained the same, people had changed.

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