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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

Move back into the villa…

Wasn’t that more dangerous than not getting a divorce?

Diana subconsciously touched her stomach, warning bells ringing furiously in her mind.

However, Julian argued his case. “We just need to tell her that we know we were wrong this whole
time, and that we’ll definitely aim to let her hold her great–grandson this year. If you coax her well
enough, she’ll definitely let you move back here. After a while, when she lets her guard down, that’ll be
the time to go through the formalities and get divorced.”

Next time, there wouldn’t be any more accidents.

“Don’t worry,” Julian said when he saw Diana frowning.

She was shooting him a suspicious look, clearly reluctant..

Pushing forward, he gave her another assurance. “I won’t let Kayla wait too long.”

Diana was the one who reminded him of this.

Seeing that Julian had finally listened to her properly, Diana didn’t know if she was more heartbroken or
joyful to finally get her divorce. She didn’t have time to sort through her feelings, so she simply nodded
as she looked into his deep, dark eyes. “Alright.”

Julian had used Kayla as a promise, so she knew he wouldn’t lie to her.

After getting her agreement, Julian immediately ordered, “Mr. Carter, ready the car.”

Mr. Carter didn’t expect the discussion to turn in this direction. He had initially thought that Diana would

never return, but now….

After getting beaten up by Julian, Mr. Carter didn’t dare say anything unnecessary. He grew a little
worried. when he thought about Diana’s belongings. Before, Julian had asked him to put them in

Instead of doing that, Mr. Carter had thrown everything away. They had long since been taken away to
the dumpster, and it would be impossible to retrieve them.

Since Diana was returning to the villa, Julian would definitely ask Mr. Carter to take everything out of


What would he do?

Mr. Carter mulled over this problem for a while, but thought better of it and quickly called Noel. When
he returned from his errand, cold sweat was visible on his forehead.

“Sir, the car is ready.”

Julian gave him an odd look, then shifted his gaze to Diana and said, “Let’s go.”

He even offered his arm like a gentleman as he had usually done when they went out in the past, but
Diana ignored him and walked right past him and climbed into the car.

Julian didn’t mind, and calmly withdrew his arm before following behind her.

“If you want to get a divorce, you’d best go along with me when we arrive at the old mansion, even if
you can’t forget Oliver or the child-”

Diana cut him off impatiently. “Can you stop bringing up the baby in front of me all the time?”

Even though the baby was still well and alive in her belly, she could still feel his ruthlessness when she
recalled what had happened that day! It didn’t help that every second spent beside Julian was already
a form

of torture.

But… She had to endure so that she could get a divorce before she started to show.

Julian could understand how important a baby was to a mother, and he also felt that he was too cruel
every time he mentioned the baby. Yet, he couldn’t help but want to bring it up all the time he saw
Diana, because he wanted her to get angry. It was only when he saw that she was suffering because of
Oliver or their baby that he felt better.

This was the last bit of pride he had as Diana’s husband, albeit only on paper.

In the end, when he saw the unshed tears in Diana’s eyes, he shoved down the gloominess in his heart
and agreed. “Alright.”

He wouldn’t bring it up again.

He also hoped…that Diana wouldn’t cry again.

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