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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

Kayla occasionally pulling such a stunt was in fact proof of her love for Julian.

It was time to have a proper talk with Kayla. This was what Julian had in mind when he made his way
to her room, only to find it empty. His heart skipped a beat, and it felt like someone had stabbed him
with a knife. It was as hard to breathe as the day he learned that Kayla had disappeared three years
ago. He was in such a state that he almost stumbled as he went downstairs.

“Where did Kayla go?!”

“She returned to the Winnington residence, sir,” Mr. Carter replied with an oddly pale face, not daring to
say more than needed.

Julian felt air enter his lungs when he heard that and heaved a sigh of relief, collapsing on the couch.

It was good she hadn’t disappeared.

If something happened to Kayla because of him, he would be miserable the rest of his life.

As he cycled through his anxiety and relief, Diana watched coldly from the sidelines. She slowly
crossed her arms, adopting a defensive pose as she spoke with faux calm, “Don’t worry, I don’t intend
to remain in the Fulcher family any longer than necessary. As for Grandma… She did have a little
misunderstanding about. what went on between us, but I believe as long as you intentionally hide it
from her, our…divorce will be a lot


After going around in circles for so long, Diana still wanted a divorce.

Julian was now somewhat convinced that Diana was serious about the divorce, even if just a little. She
wasn’t playing hard to get, it was really because…she didn’t want to be involved with him any longer.

“Is it because of the baby I made you abort, or because of Oliver?”

Whenever Diana heard Julian mention the child, her heart would tighten in fear that he would pick up
on something else and become angrier. Fortunately, she was smart and strong enough that she
wouldn’t waver, even if he stared unblinkingly at her.

Without allowing the panic she felt to show on her face, she replied, “Both.”

Since he already misunderstood everything, it was simpler to continue keeping him in the dark.

Julian lowered his head, his mood plummeting deeper. He felt even more horrible than when he
couldn’t find Kayla a few moments ago. The air in the hall was terribly heavy, but he didn’t lose his
temper this time. He only gave Diana a disappointed look.

It was a look that made Diana doubt if this man did love her or not.

However, that was impossible.

Julian’s disappointment in her should be because she had a face similar to Kayla’s and tarnished her

in his heart.

That was all there was to it.

As a stand–in, she should know her place.

Luckily, Julian didn’t insist on rebutting her words at this moment.

“Fine. I agree to the divorce.”

It seemed despite Kayla’s unacceptable actions, she was still more important to Julian than anything
else. Just by saying that Kayla was having a difficult time and that she couldn’t afford to wait, was
enough to make him compromise.

They were childhood friends, and he yearned for Kayla endlessly. Even after he got married, he never
forgot her. He even projected his feelings on Diana, who had the same face as Kayla, when his
sweetheart suddenly disappeared.

He was such a loyal man.

Diana’s eyes were damp, but it was only for a moment before she resumed her indifferent look. “Good.”

Julian watched her half–lidded eyes, and she looked too obedient to be true. A pang of annoyance shot
through his heart. “But you’ve overestimated my abilities when it comes to Grandma.”

Diana was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“I learned everything I know from Grandpa and Grandma.” Julian didn’t understand why he had the
patience to explain to Diana now that Kayla had left, but he continued, “Even though I made Fulcher
Inc. into what it is today with my own power, Grandma… If there’s anything major, it’d be difficult for me
to keep them from her.”

When all was said and done, Diana, living in the old mansion, shouldn’t alert Madam Fulcher to

“Move back into the villa,” Julian suddenly said. “Didn’t Grandma think you were faking your

Diana nodded in confusion. What was going on? The two had clearly reached an agreement to get a
divorce! So why, just a few seconds later, was Julian asking her to move back into the villa?

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