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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 160

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Chapter 160

Julian fixed his cold gaze on Diana. “At first, I was really concerned about Grandma’s health. Now that
you’re done talking, I finally understand why I haven’t divorced you. Naturally, it’s not because of
Grandma’s health. Do you know what the reason is?”

He leaned even closer to Diana as he spoke, and she could feel his breath by her ear. The closeness
and his broad shoulders exuded a domineering pressure that trapped her.

“What is it?” Diana asked, gripping the couch tightly. She wouldn’t allow him to see her weakness and
stubbornly held her head high.

“Because…” Julian’s smile was cold. It hurt to see it, but there was also a hint of ruthless determination
in his


“The more you want to be with

ver, the more I don’t want to let you have your wish. The more you suffer at my side, the more I want to
keep you! This is the best punishment for you! I’ll keep you by my side and make you suffer all your

He saw that Diana wanted to escape and was in pain, but he wanted her to continue suffering

“Just because Oliver and I…” Diana paused. “Just because we had a child together, you want to find
ways to make me miserable? And you would do it, ignoring Kayla’s request for you to get a divorce?”

When Diana mentioned Kayla, Julian’s anger visibly deflated several notches. However, the coldness

remained in his voice.

“Yes, I don’t care about anything else if I can make you suffer.”

When those words were out of his mouth, Julian was surprised. It turned out that he cared about
Diana’s relationship with Oliver much more than he thought.

Even after getting rid of the child, he still couldn’t get it out of his mind.

His anger burned even fiercer when he heard Diana mention Oliver’s name.

“Don’t be too greedy,” Julian snarled. “As you wished, I’m not pursuing your affair with Oliver. Stay as
Mrs. Fulcher and never think of leaving me!”

Only Diana knew Oliver was completely innocent in this whole thing, and she had deliberately used him
as a shield. There was nothing between them, but it didn’t matter that Julian didn’t believe her as long
as he didn’t intend to hurt Oliver again. Regardless of wh

Julian said, she could ignore Oliver.


Diana spoke in a softer, gentler tone that held a hint of exasperation and anger. “If you won’t let me
leave or divorce you, what about Kayla? Do you think she’ll really wait for you forever? You love her so
much, Julian, yet you want her to wait for you?”

Julian froze.

Kayla’s name was like a magic spell that gradually pulled him back from insanity.

Whether he married or divorced, he and Diana could not avoid Kayla.

But now… It felt as if Kayla was an outsider in his life.

When he thought about how she had stormed out of his study crying, his heart went into a tizzy.

He was the one who had behaved poorly this time and made Kayla cry. Yet, he didn’t bother going after

“Julian. While you’re causing me pain, you’re also making her suffer,” Diana said, watching him frown.
Knowing that he was considering her words seriously, she calmed down. “Think about it properly. Is it
worth trapping me in this marriage and making both of us suffer?”

After saying that, she paused for a moment before adding, “Don’t regret it if Kayla really gets angry and
stops waiting for you.”

Her words were to encourage him to go after Kayla and keep her instead.

Did Diana really not care about him at all? However, Julian couldn’t bring himself to get angry. He
suddenly realized that Kayla really might disappear completely, just as she had done three years ago.

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