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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 159

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Chapter 159

The hypermarket Diana mentioned was an ordinary wholesale marketplace. Nothing fantastic would be
found in that kind of place.

Diana had some design talent and aptitude, but she clearly overestimated herself.

Those were Julian’s thoughts. His curiosity about her past vanished instantly, and he said, “Hmm.
Though you don’t have the ability to do as you said, it’s good to be confident.”

With that said, he sat at his desk with an indifferent look. Though his expression was blank, he was
clearly taunting her for not knowing her own worth.

It was also telling Diana that no matter how rotten Kayla was as a person or how many awful things she
did, he would still protect Kayla as he always did.

Diana lowered her head, and her lips curled into a mocking smile. “If that’s the case, why not just
divorce me? Isn’t it better to do that and give Kayla an official place in your home so it’ll be easier to
love and protect her? Grandma already knows about this, but you still want to leave at such a crucial

Julian subconsciously avoided her sad eyes. “Stop acting like some saint when you’re getting the short
end of

the stick!”

If it wasn’t for Madam Fulcher, would Diana have gotten off so easily for cheating on him?

“You used to go on about looking out for Grandma because her health wasn’t the best. Because of that,
you set the condition for our divorce in that she would never find out.”

Back then, Julian had been momentarily touched by Diana’s kindness.

“And now? When Grandma’s really sick, you don’t care anymore and simply want to divorce me?
Why’s that? Are you feeling sorry for that child? Because you think of it whenever you look at me?”

Each word that spilled from Julian’s lips was more hurtful than the previous.

As Diana listened, she couldn’t believe that she and him had been in such a sweet and intimate

in the past.

Yes, this was why she wanted to divorce him.

She had to!

She couldn’t stand being with the man who used to be a doting and caring husband, and she didn’t
want to hear him talk about their baby in such a harsh, uncaring tone.

Her baby had survived through a fluke. The baby would surely be upset if he heard his father saying
such things.

Everything would be fine if they separated!

Diana frowned. “That’s exactly it. I’ll never forget the way you forced me into that operation theater!”

Taking a deep breath, she spat harshly, “You killed the child I had with Oliver! It makes me sick to even
be breathing the same air as you!”

“Oliver, Oliver, Oliver!” Julian suddenly jumped up, his furious eyes blazing as they locked with hers.
“Do could you want him that much? Even after using your final trump card to have Grandma cover for
you so you stay as Mrs. Fulcer, you still can’t let go of him?

Diana had never asked Madam Fulcher to lie for her, and there wasn’t anything to let go of when it
came to Oliver. There had never been anything between them.

But did Julian care about any of those things?

Of course not!

“What about you?” The bottled feelings inside finally burst like a broken dam as Diana shot back. “Why
aren’t you divorcing me? Don’t give me a flimsy excuse and say that it’s because of Grandma. I’m sure
you have many ways to keep her from discovering our divorce if you wanted to. Why did you say you’d
go along with her wishes and consider her health, and that we won’t divorce for now?!”

The two stood close to each other. They were close enough that if Diana were to lift her head, they


Julian’s eyelashes were long and delicate, and his features were painfully familiar to her. However, the
coldness in his eyes was completely foreign.

A thought suddenly occurred to her, though she knew it was impossible. What if…if Julian said he loved
her, even just a little, and that he cared about her not because she looked like Kayla? That he loved
Diana because she was her own person rather than Kayla’s substitute, and that he couldn’t help but
care about her and

didn’t want to divorce her….

Had he said so, would she forget all the cruel things he had done to her? Would she not burn with hate
for him when she recalled how he had forced her into the operating theater?

But… Julian didn’t say anything like that.

His eyes were still filled with coldness, and he spoke in the flattest tone she had ever heard as a cool
and heartless smirk danced on his lips.

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