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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

Julian had never seen her draw anything in the past three years. Even after seeing all the clothes she
had designed for his grandmother, he still didn’t think that Diana’s talents were impressive.

This time, however, he actually believed Diana a little more this time. Kayla had disappointed him

times now.

But no matter how much trouble Kayla made, he couldn’t bring himself to do anything harsh to her. He
would simply endure getting entangled in these trivial matters all day long. When he next spoke again,
it was an order rather than a suggestion. “Kayla, leave.”

He would have the talk he needed with Diana tonight.

As for her…

Julian glanced at the petite woman who was still in his arms and refusing to get up. A dangerous glint
flashed in his eyes. When he saw Kayla’s anxious expression, he instantly saw through Diana’s ploy.

“Stand up!”

Diana deliberately got close to him in front of Kayla.

Unexpectedly, Diana didn’t listen to him. She even started measuring him with her ruler. “Kayla gave
me your measurements, but I can tell with just a glance that she didn’t even measure you personally.
What’s with that?”

Diana raised her brows, her eyes sparkling. Instantly, she looked incredibly charming. “Other than
staying in different rooms, you won’t even give her a chance to get closer to you?”

Flashing him a cute smile, she laughed lightly before continuing, “We’re making clothes! A designer
can’t do their best if you won’t let them touch you, you know?”

In the blink of an eye, Diana had already measured his arms and wrist. Next, she placed a hand on
chest to

measure his neck and his back.

Their closeness looked incredibly intimate, but Julian didn’t push Diana away. Kayla couldn’t stand it
anymore and let out a cry as she dashed out of the room.

“Tsk! What an ugly cry.”

Julian didn’t chase after Kayla. Instead, he grabbed Diana’s wrist, which was roaming about his body,
and snarled fiercely, “It’s disgusting how you’re so sarcastic and mean–spirited.”

It was completely unlike her.

Diana was surprised at his sudden outburst, but she continued drawing circles on his chest and asked,
“Are you angry?”

It was good that he was.

“Then let’s get a divorce.”

Upon seeing how indifferent she was about their situation, Julian was about to explode in anger. “So
you went around such a big circle just to divorce me?”

“Of course not.”


Diana wasn’t in the best condition right now, and she wasn’t able to stand for long. Thus, she made her
way to the couch. Shifting around to find the most comfortable position, she stared at Julian and
continued, “It’s true I copied Kayla’s design, but I’m sure you can tell who’s the better one between us.
If you compare design with those at the press conference, you can also see just which one of us is
deliberately imitating whose style.”

Diana had already laid out everything. If Julian had a conscience, he could easily tell who the thief was
in this matter. But if he was still hell–bent on protecting Kayla, then there was nothing she could do.

“If she wants to get into design, she’ll never make her mark as long as I’m around.”

Her words weren’t a boast; they were simply pure facts. Even if Julian were to protect Kayla, it would
be pointless.

Diana was extremely confident in her design skills.

“You’re very confident, aren’t you?” Julian said, his curiosity increasing the more she spoke. “Have you
been designing even before we got married?”

Ugh, this man!

It was only a small loophole, yet he quickly caught it and held onto it.

Diana didn’t want her dark, embarrassing history of using the name D&J to be revealed. But the more
one was afraid of exposing something, the more it was impossible to lie about it.

After all, lying had flaws at the end of the day.

Julain was a man who would grasp on tightly to something and refuse to let go until he solved it.
Because of this, Diana purposely omitted her recent accomplishments and told him her past instead.
“Yes. When I was in the countryside, the clothes I designed sold well. Even the hypermarket there
collaborated with me.”

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