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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 157

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 157

Had the forced abortion affected her so much? Yet, Julian simply couldn’t allow his wife to carry
another man’s child.

He was convinced that he had done nothing wrong. Every time he thought about Oliver and Diana
getting close, he would get so angry that he wanted to have a go at Oliver.

However, Diana had not met up with Oliver since that day at the hospital.

This made Julian happy. It was good to know that Diana still knew how to restrain herself because of
the consequences.

Diana and Julian kept staring at each other silently. Kayla was the only one in the room who felt

Just how much space in Julian’s heart did Diana occupy? What could Kayla do to make Diana
disappear from this world? Kayla had tried poisoning Diana, taking Diana’s design and accusing Diana
of plagiarizing her work… She had tried all sorts of methods, but none caused any substantial harm to
Diana. Some of her plans even backfired, causing her to hurt herself! Even worse, Kayla’s plans
alerted Madam Fulcher by accident, which caused Julian and Diana’s divorce to be put on indefinite

If Diana really got pregnant…

Kayla shuddered, unable to imagine how Julian would react. At the very least, it looked like he hadn’t
realized his feelings for Diana yet.

When she recalled Julian’s words, Kayla became excited once more and looked smugly at Diana. She
was going to make sure this plagiarism issue remained, so that Julian would be thoroughly disgusted

with Diana. It would be even better if it could stop Diana from returning to the design industry.

Getting rid of a formidable rival was a good move for Kayla.

To Kayla’s surprise, Diana had no intention of defending herself. She casually ran a hand through her
hair, then pulled out a ruler and approached Julian as though nothing was wrong.

“What are you doing?” Kayla shouted, moving forward to shove Diana out of the way.

Her action caused Diana to fall right onto Julian. Diana would have fallen to the ground if Julian hadn’t
reacted quickly enough. She had just gotten an abortion; who knows what other things could happen if
she had really fallen?

Julian’s face suddenly twisted unpleasantly. His gaze sharpened like a falcon’s, and he fixed his eyes
on Kayla. However, the anger simmering under his skin did not burst forth, and he simply said, “Kayla,
you can leave first.”

Kayla didn’t dare make a scene with the dangerous look in Julian’s eyes, but that didn’t mean she was
going to go peacefully. “Julian… Diana did that on purpose! She wanted me to get angry so that I would
push her to you! Besides…”

Weren’t they supposed to be discussing plagiarism? Why was she forced to spill her guts before Julian

Kayla was confused at the strange turn in the situation. She looked at Diana, who was still on top of
Julian. Kayla’s eyes widened when she saw the smug look on Diana’s face.

Diana had done it on purpose.

“I’m not leaving!” Kayla said stubbornly. “I want to settle this with Diana right now!”

“I didn’t plagiarize her work,” Diana said, deliberately not getting up from where she was in Julian’s
arms. She simply pointed to the paper and continued, “My design is much more complete than hers. I
would’ve needed more time to perfect it if it had been plagiarized. As for my darling sister… It seems
she’s the one who copied the basics of my design in that short time, isn’t that right?”

It was easy to go from rags to riches, but the same couldn’t be said about riches to rags.

The same was true when it came to drawing designs. It took a long time to perfect them, regardless if
they were simple or complex. However, it was easy to copy the base of an already perfected design.

Julian, however, didn’t believe that Diana was that capable and would have such great talent in

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