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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 156

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 156

“Diana, come to my study,” Julian said, wanting to talk with Diana.

He needed to see if he could get anything out of her. At the same time, he told Kayla to return to her
room to


“If she really copied your work today, I won’t let her leave the villa, nor will I let her step foot into the
design industry ever again.”

His words satisfied Kayla.

“I’ll come with you,” Kayla said. “It’ll be easier for me to confront her this way.”

She needed to bring Diana down a peg or two today!

“That’s fine,” Julian said with a nod.

After confirming that Kayla was in good health, they headed to Julian’s study.

Julian’s study was covered in all black. The bookshelves and walls were black, and even his table was
a dark walnut color. The entire study gave off a cold and grave air.

This was the first time Kayla entered this room. She stiffened up before she even sat down.

On the contrary, Diana was familiar with the room. She had already taken off her shoes and was lying
on the couch. Though it made her seem like she was lacking in manners, her slender neck and long
hair radiated a strong elegant air. It was rare to find a woman with such an air who still exuded freedom
and casualness.

It had been a long time since Julian felt life in his study.

If it were before, with how she was acting, he probably would have closed the door and called her a
little minx.

Apparently, Diana also thought of the same thing. Her face flushed slightly. It wasn’t her fault that the
couch in Julian’s study was so comfortable!

It happened when Julian had been on a business trip abroad. Diana had complained that she missed
him so much that it was torturous. The next day, he had someone transport this couch from abroad and
place it in the study. It was pink and had many bows on it.

It was a delightful couch model that any woman would love, but it didn’t fit the study’s aesthetic at all.

However, she understood his intentions. When she sat on it, it was extremely comfortable. It felt like
being in his arms,

and she couldn’t help but sink into the warm and comforting feeling.

Julian also wanted to tell her that she held a special place in his heart by buying this pink couch.

Unique, huh?

Diana blushed in embarrassment when she thought about their past. She slowly straightened up from
the couch, shedding her casual posture.

This villa was no longer her home, and the pink couch in the study was the only evidence that she had

lived here.

“Just a reminder, Mr. Fulcher,” Diana said, holding back the ache of her heart as she looked at Julian.

forgot to throw out this couch.”

Julian was silent for a moment, not expecting Diana to open their conversation with that.

“…I didn’t forget.”

Kayla wasn’t usually allowed in this room, so she wouldn’t see it, much less be inconvenienced by it
being here. Thus, he chose not to throw it away as he did with Diana’s things in the bedroom.

After saying that, he noticed the cautious look on Kayla’s face, where tears were still visible. She was
standing between him and Diana. A sudden strange feeling washed over him, making him feel out of
place for a moment. He quickly amended his words and said, “It didn’t belong to you in the first place.”


person he had wanted to give it to was Kayla. The couch was also meant to be for Kayla.

Yet, the person who received it back then was Diana.

Diana could read between the lines and understood the implications that she was only a substitute, but
it didn’t make her feel as annoyed or angry as before. She simply raised her eyebrows and smiled; no
one could tell her true feelings.

It was similar to when she had been forced into the operating theater. Even Julian had trouble reading
her emotions right now.

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