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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 155

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 155

Diana’s counterquestion made Kayla cry even harder. She was wracked with sobs.

“Julian…” Her voice was so hoarse it sounded like blades rubbing against glass. “Should I really move
out and make way for you and your wife?”

She wanted an official title, but Julian refused to give it to her until now.

Julian knew he had let Kayla down when he failed to go through with the divorce. He had promised her
that he would divorce Diana as soon as possible, but Grandma….

Grandma had found out, so he didn’t dare to continue with any divorce proceedings at this moment.

However, Kayla…

The criticism she was facing from Diana was indeed built on the foundation of his marriage with Diana.

Yet, this marriage should have belonged to Kayla in the first place.

Right now, Diana was using it as a weapon against Kayla.

This upset Julian to no end. He glanced at Diana and snapped harshly, “Enough.”

He shot Mr. Carter a look, hinting for the butler to see Diana out.

When Diana turned around, she deliberately shook the design drawing in her hand at Kayla.

Diana had copied Kayla’s design right in front of her, and was still so smug!

Kayla couldn’t stand the provocation. She yelled at Diana through her sobs, “No! Julian, she copied my
design draft in my face just now. She has it right now! We can’t just let her leave!”

The fish had caught the bait.

Julian was stunned. He overlooked the elation that flashed past Diana’s eyes, and asked Kayla in
disbelief, ” She copied your work right in front of you?”

“Yes, she did,” Kayla sobbed. “I got so worked up, I threw the drawing at her…”

Julian lurched forward and forced Diana’s hand open. He pulled out the piece of paper from her hand
and looked down. “This design?”

“Yes.” Kayla nodded as she retrieved her own design drawing. “Look here. She glanced at my drawing
as she copied it right in front of me.”

Julian was stunned. He was sure that Diana wouldn’t be that foolish.

Diana said, “I came here to get the measurements. Of course I had to bring my own design. Look, my
paper isn’t even the same as yours. If I really drew it in front of you, where did this paper come from?”

Kayla was so furious, she desperately wanted to charge forward and beat Diana up. “You planned this
long ago! You had that paper prepared with you just so you could copy and steal my design drawing!
You’re shameless!”

Which of the two of them was truly the shameless one?

The drafts Diana left in the Winningtons were stolen by Kayla, for which she claimed to be her own
works. She even had Julian hold a press conference to promote her own name on the basis of Diana’s
works. Did she really take Diana as a complete fool?

Aside from the baby in her belly, these design works were also akin to her baby.

They were both her blood, sweat and tears!

Yet, she was accused of being the plagiarizer.


Since Kayla wanted to be the thief accusing others of theft, Diana was all too glad to play along with

She had this whole scene planned out: infuriating Kayla to death and blatantly stealing the latter’s

Even so, her design would clearly be better than Kayla’s by miles.

It was just like the dress Fanny Smith wore to the awards. Although it looked like it came from Kay‘–‘s
design drawing, the vividness and beauty of the dress far exceeded Kayla’s so–called design.

Julian wasn’t completely blind.

When something like this happened so many times, he understood what was truly going on, and who
was the real talent between the two sisters.

As for who plagiarized the other…

He really couldn’t tell at this point.

However, Kayla was in such a terrible mood and her throat was in such a bad condition that he just
wanted to separate both of them for the time being.

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