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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 154

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 154

Yet this time, Kayla didn’t plagiarize any of Diana’s works. She couldn’t even peek at Diana’s work!

How would she be able to steal Diana’s draft?

Not even in her imagination!

“How am I spouting nonsense?” Diana tore off a piece of paper, lifted a pen and drew some quick
strokes. With that, she managed to make Kayla’s original design even more exquisite and vivid.

She immediately brought flair and elegance to a design so ordinary.

This outfit…

Felt just like something custom–made for Julian.

“Look.” Diana put down the pen and said with arched brows. “Doesn’t it look just like your design

Kayla finally realized what Diana was doing.

Diana was blatantly copying her design!

After being provoked so many times by Diana tonight, Kayla’s mood, which was poor to begin with,
turned. for the worse. Diana’s words were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Kayla was so furious
that she was no longer able to pretend to be weak and vulnerable. She grabbed her design drawing
and flung it at Diana. ” You’re shameless, Diana! Shameless!”

Diana dodged quickly and avoided Kayla’s attack. She then turned around calmly and headed down
the stairs.

Julian had heard the commotion and was on his way up the stairs.

Before he gained his footing, he was hit in the head by the design that Kayla threw as she rushed out
of the bedroom. “Diana! I’m going to kill you! You’re shameless!”

“Kayla!” Julian grabbed Kayla’s arm. For the first time in his life, he stopped her harshly.

Kayla slowly returned to her senses when she saw Diana hiding behind Julian, smiling at her smugly.
That was when she realized she had fallen into Diana’s trap.

Tears fell immediately down her cheeks. Her fierceness was replaced by meekness in an instant.

As calm as Julian felt, it was his first time seeing the speed at which Kayla’s face changed, and he
couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Was Kayla really…

Becoming different from that Kayla in his memory?

“All right, that’s enough.” This time, Julian didn’t wipe Kayla’s tears away, and instead turned around to
look at Diana. “She’s your younger sister. You should give in to her.”

His voice gentled as he looked carefully at Diana’s face. “Are you hurt?”

Was he possessed by a ghost?

Why did he first show concern for her when Kayla and her were fighting?

Diana’s eyes widened.

Julian belatedly realized what he had just done, and immediately pulled his hand away and put it in his

pocket. His voice turned cold in an instant. “If Grandma saw you hurt when you returned to the old
mansion, she might get angry with me again.”

The old woman had just been discharged from the hospital, and should not be agitated.

Diana immediately understood where he was coming from. She knew it; for a man as cold–hearted as
Julian, the concern he showed for her tonight was merely for his grandmother’s sake.

Thankfully, she did not get excited over his show of concern.

She remained expressionless throughout.

Julian was unamused. “Good that you’re not hurt. The Fulchers will be a laughing stock if word were to
spread that our guest got hurt during their visit here.”



The term of address somehow upset Diana. She glanced at Kayla, who had begun sobbing again, and
mocked, “Mr. Fulcher. If I remember correctly, we’re not divorced yet, right? In that case, wouldn’t Kayla
be more of a guest than me?”

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