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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 153

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 153

Kayla felt even more smug. “But of course! Julian said that this room had the best lighting in the entire
mansion. He had to leave it for me.”

With feigned nonchalance, she peered at Diana and said, “As for the past rubbish that was lying
around, they were just thrown away.”

Diana nodded. “You’re right. They were rubbish, both the things and the people from the past.”

She leaned closer to Kayla, “Including Julian, whom I’ve used. I’m leaving him to you, too.”

“But…” She looked around the entire room and realized something. “Seems like that second–hand man

staying in the same room as you.”

Not only does this bedroom not have any traces of Diana, but it didn’t have any traces of Julian either.

Then… Why did Kayla go to the gynecologist?

Diana couldn’t care less about whether both of them shared a room right now, but the embarrassed
look on Kayla’s face lifted Diana’s mood. She deliberately covered her mouth with her hand and
chuckled exaggeratedly. “Seems like it’s true. You haven’t even used that second–hand man.”

“That’s because he treasures me!” Kayla paused for a moment, trying to rein in her anger. “He wouldn’t
treat me as casually as he treats you!”

That was so.

They got married the first day they got to know each other, and that was also the day Julian bedded

Even when Grandma had drugged him, he had prioritized Kayla in his considerations.

Diana, on the other hand, foolishly bore it all.

At that time, his body seemed to convey all his love and affections to her.

Not long later, the realization that she was a replacement was akin to a tight slap on her face.

Diana bit her lip hard, her good mood vanishing in an instant. However, she managed to calm herself

very soon.

After all, it didn’t hurt so much after being hurt so many times.

“He might not treasure me, but I’m sure there’ll be someone who will,” Diana shot back calmly, making
Kayla’s mockery as effective as punching cotton. “He doesn’t define my value as a person, but whether
he is a good husband is something I can determine.”

The fact that Kayla was unable to marry Julian and be his official wife was her greatest pain.

Diana, that b*tch!

Kayla was furious.

Seeing Kayla’s face darken with displeasure, Diana’s mood improved once again. She reached her
hand out and urged, “Where are his measurements? Hand them over.”

She put on a flirtatious look and said in a deliberately seductive manner, “Otherwise, I’ll go down and
personally take his measurements.”

The fact that Julian had never shared a room with Kayla was a thorn in her heart.

Forget sleeping together, he had never behaved intimately with her.

Kayla even suspected that Julian might have sexual dysfunction. Yet, the way Diana spoke today made
it clear to her that that wasn’t true at all…


He was just…not interested in her.

Was the fact that her face resembled Diana’s so much and her claim of saving him in the past not

Kayla regretted it so much. She should never have disappeared and gone abroad three years ago!

Otherwise, things wouldn’t have turned out this way!

Julian wouldn’t have married Diana and become husband and wife. In fact, he might never have the
chance to come into contact with the woman who saved his life.

Kayla felt her heart beating with fright at the thought of what happened when she was younger, and a
look of guilt settled over her face. She was in a daze.

Diana followed Kayla and took note of the written measurements. She took the chance to glance swiftly
at Kayla’s design draft and commented, “Looks very similar to my design. You’re really worthy to be the
woman who’s using the second–hand man I’ve used before! Not only did you claim possession over
my draft, but you even copied my design again.”

Kayla blushed furiously and she snatched her design draft back. “Don’t you dare spout nonsense,

She did in truth steal Diana’s design draft, but had the audacity to flip things around and accuse Diana
of stealing her design instead.

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