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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 152

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 152

In order to not expose the truth of her design style, Kayla had to look through all of Diana’s previous
drafts carefully before she dared to lift the pen. But the moment she tried to draw something, she found

unable to design whatever was on her mind.

Design was much tougher than she thought….

Kayla became increasingly antsy, and finally decided to find a chance to find out Diana’s progress from

Diana turned out to be even slower than her. She didn’t seem to have any intention to start drawing at

Had Diana run out of design ideas too?

After all, the drafts Kayla had found were from three years ago.

It was entirely possible that Diana wasted her talent away during these three years, under Julian’s

Yet, Diana was the one who suggested this competition. Would she be so dumb as to do something
she had. no confidence in?

After four days of being stuck, there were still no updates from Diana’s side.

Kayla was unable to wait any longer, and had no choice but to bite the bullet and begin drawing her

Thankfully, she was more familiar with Julian and the preliminary draft was not too shabby. The design
style was also similar to Diana’s past works. She believed, given the work she put in, they would never
be able to convict her as the design thief!

After the preliminary draft was done, it was time to take Julian’s measurements before making the
clothes in time for the deadline. After which, both of them had to display their drafts and final clothes.
Kayla did not dare delay things.

Diana, on the other hand, came over after Kayla was just done taking Julian’s measurements..

Diana had lived in the Fulcher mansion for three years.

Yet when she entered it once more, she did not find it familiar at all.

All her belongings had been thrown away.

That was when Diana understood why everything that Grandma prepared for her when she was
staying at

the latter’s home was new.

It turned out that Julian was unable to tolerate having her belongings around his mansion, and had
them all. dumped.

Just like how he threw her away.

Without any hesitation whatsoever.

He wouldn’t even bother seeking her out.

What was the point of holding out hope?

Diana rubbed her belly. Yes… The day he forced her into the operating theater was the day she lost all
hope in


Right now, her only goal was to bring misery upon Kayla so that it would put Julian in misery too.

After all, they had stabbed her heart so many times. It wasn’t too much of her to give them a taste of
their own medicine.

“Mr. Fulcher,” Diana said coldly as she walked to where Julian was seated in the hall on the first floor.
She pulled out her measuring tape and said, “Please stand up and cooperate with me as I take your

This bitch!

How dare she seduce Julian right in front of her!

What was more hateful was that Julian actually stood up!

Before Diana came, Julian told Kayla that he was not free and simply gave her his measurements
written down on paper!

“Julian…” Kayla felt more frustrated the more she thought about it. She hated the thought of Diana and
Julian having any physical contact. “I have your measurements written down here. I can just share it
with Diana.”

Diana was glad to hear that. “Where is it? I’ll get it from you.”

Julian looked up and glanced at Diana wordlessly.

Kayla seized the chance and replied to Diana, “Sure, it’s in my bedroom.”

She deliberately emphasized the word “my“, as if she were the true mistress of this mansion. She
haughtily led Diana to the bedroom she had settled in.

“Strange!” Kayla looked around the room after switching the lights on. “Seems like someone touched
my desk. Did someone come up here just now?”

Diana looked down, which made it difficult to see the expression on her face. “It was me. I came here
by myself. I wanted to bring some clothes back to the old mansion, but I realized that the bedroom had
a new


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