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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 151

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 151

“Oh?” Grandma raised her brows. “For me? Are you trying to take this chance to emulate what my
granddaughter–in–law has done by making clothes for me?”

With that, she mumbled under her breath, “Not only do you have a face that resembles Diana so much,
but are you intending to copy her behavior as well?”

Kayla’s face flushed with embarrassment once again.

She couldn’t tolerate it any longer.

This damned old woman!

How dare she insinuate that Kayla was imitating Diana and that she was Diana’s replacement?!

However, it was true that Kayla stole the gratitude Julian had toward Diana for saving him when they
were children, as well as his affection for Diana from her. But Julian continuing to love and protect her
even after so many years was her own doing, wasn’t it?

She had the ability to steal Julian’s body and heart away from Diana completely!

Yet, even until now, he still cared for Diana.

Kayla forced herself to squeeze out a smile. “I am her sister and we look alike. It’s only natural we
resemble each other in behavior too.”

However, Kayla was adopted; that was a fact known throughout Richburgh.

Diana never did find out the secret of Kayla’s birth from James, but each time Diana faced the fact that
they looked so much like each other, she couldn’t help herself but consider the possibility of the filthy

things that might have happened in the past.

There was a flash of annoyance in her eyes as they turned cold.

Even Julian felt slightly shocked over the look in Diana’s eyes. He recalled what Diana said about her
design, and the clothes that Grandma usually wore….

He had to admit that he might never have truly understood Diana over the years.

In the past, he remembered all those times when she acted coquettishly and unreasonably, when she
was meek yet strong in her own ways. Yet, she seemed to have more sides to her than he knew.

She seemed so mysterious to him.

Julian suddenly felt curious about her past when she was in the countryside.

“Don’t do it for me.” Grandma hadn’t fully recovered and felt fatigued from standing for so long. She
looked at Julian with eyes that could see through him. “Just design for Julian. Also, to make the
competition more

objective, I suggest the design draft be made into actual outfits and displayed to the world.”

Julian was stunned for a moment. Design for him? And make it into actual outfits?

Won’t both women need to take his measurements?

For some reason, he immediately thought of Diana’s fair white nape.

The moment he placed his hand on it, he could feel its emanating warmth. If he were to exert more
force, she

would fall on his body….

Damn it!

Why in the world was he fantasizing about Diana when Kayla was right next to him?

He felt confused once again. Did he really…only feel possessive about Diana and treated her as a
mere replacement for Kayla?

If so, why would he only have such intimate fantasies of Diana?

Yet, when facing Kayla, he could always remain cool and calm.


It seemed Kayla was still more precious to him.

She was a flower that deserved utmost care and protection.

Whereas for Diana… He had long gotten used to her body over their three years of marriage

In spite of that, it didn’t take Diana much to betray him; as if she had never missed him as he did her.

At the thought of Diana’s aborted child and her betrayal, his deep dark eyes became cold as ice. “Fine.”

He nodded. “Let’s take Grandma’s suggestion. But because of limited time, you only need to draw up
one. design. Grandma and I will be the ones deciding who’s the true plagiarizer.”

The deadline was set to one week later.

Kayla reeled from all the work she had to do during the week.

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