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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 149

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 149

Even Kayla was almost lost in Diana’s powerful stare.

Something suddenly clicked in Julian’s mind as his eyes darkened. His eyes, which were fixed on
Diana, were crystal clear and chilly.

“It’s not important whether I believe you or not. What’s important is the truth.”

Diana smiled. Things would be easy as long as Julian thought that way.

She wasn’t anxious to stand back up. Instead, she sat down on the floor, maintaining the same level as
Kayla as she tilted her jaw. “We each have our own side of the stories, and we’ll never get to the
bottom of who plagiarized who,”

She went on, “Since Julian said just now that it’s not important who he believes and that the truth is
more important, let’s redesign some outfits and see who is more skilled. That way, we’ll be able to tell
who’s the real plagiarizer.”


Kayla began feeling anxious at Diana’s suggestion to compete based on skills, and hurriedly
countered, That’s not fair! If we redesigned the outfit, you wouldn’t dare to copy mine. This plagiarism
incident would just be swept under the rug and forgotten, like what happened to my throat…”

Her throat…

Julian’s eyes narrowed as he recalled the words Diana yelled along the hospital corridor previously.

She had said that she was not afraid of him investigating the matter.

In the end, he was the one who didn’t investigate it thoroughly. Instead, he let it be.

He didn’t know what he was afraid of, but he instinctively wanted to sweep things under the rug and
leave them at that.

There was a trace of fatigue in his eyes. He lowered his head and looked gently at Kayla. “Kayla, if you
feel bad about your throat, I can look into the accident again.”

Anxiety flashed past Kayla’s eyes. She quickly said, “Julian, it’s already very troublesome for you to
accompany me to my follow–up visits with the doctor. I don’t want to add more trouble for you. Let’s just
forget about it since it’s over.”

Julian was a smart man. When he heard Kayla’s words, his heart sank slightly.

Kayla… Why was she becoming less and less like that little girl in his memory who risked her life to
save him?

He couldn’t figure out the answer to that question.

However, his heart was tightly bound to that gratitude he felt toward her for saving him. It instinctively
made him treat Kayla well.

Even if she had become less and less like that girl in his memories, Julian found himself unable to treat


At that night where death stared at him in the face, she was his only hope for salvation.

Without her, he wouldn’t be alive today.

“Okay.” He nodded and glanced at Diana.

Diana immediately understood why the incident with Kayla’s throat was never looked into. It wasn’t
because of Grandma, but because Julian had already keenly noticed something and knew that Diana
was innocent.

Yet, he did not stand up for her.

Instead, he stood on Kayla’s side without any hesitation.

He and Kayla had no qualms whatsoever about piercing her heart with thousands of daggers.

But why did her heart still ache even when it had been stabbed so many times?

He was clearly…not a man worthy of her affections….

Diana took a deep breath and tried to dismiss the pain she felt inside her. She continued talking to
Kayla according to what she planned earlier.

“Since we’re both designers, you should know very well that a designer’s design style won’t change
drastically within a short time. As long as we apply our style consistently in our draft, anyone could tell
whether you were the one who stole my design first, or if I was the one who copied your draft and
resulted in its leak.”

Julian agreed to her proposal.

However, he had one question. “Diana, you’ve never attended university. You stayed in the countryside
before coming to Richburgh. How did you learn about designing?”

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