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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 148

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 148

Diana recalled what Kayla said at the press conference and said with disdain, “Just that? Are these the
so- called proofs you were talking about?”

Just then, Kayla barged into the ward. She held her throat and looked right at Diana, and said sharply,
“Don’t force Julian into a corner!”

This was the first time the sisters saw each other properly after the birthday party.

Diana couldn’t help but stare at the face which looked so similar to hers.

Looking at Kayla’s face once again confirmed how similar they looked.

However, Kayla looked more like James, whereas Diana had Kate’s eyes. Kate was a beauty herself
when she was young, and Diana had inherited Kate’s beauty. It added to her own exquisite features
and enhanced her


This was something Kayla lacked, and formed the fundamental difference between how both sisters

When they were in the same room, it was easy to see that Diana had the upper hand in terms of her
aura and charm; her eyes were clearly more beautiful than Kayla’s.

Yet, it didn’t change the fact that Julian took Diana as Kayla’s replacement and married her for that. In
fact, she was taken as Kayla’s replacement for three years.

Diana suppressed the bitterness growing inside her as she turned to look at Kayla. “How am I forcing
him into a corner?”

Here they are, running to her and showing how deeply in love they are with each other. How amusing…

Kayla couldn’t stop sobbing. Instead of answering Diana, she plopped down on her knees and begged,
” Diana, please, my throat has become like this and Julian no longer wants me. He’s not divorcing you
anymore, and you have everything you want. Please let me go, won’t you?

These design drafts are my blood, sweat and tears. My only wish now is to grow my career. Can you
please make it clear to the media that you’re the one who stole my design draft? I don’t want to be
stained by the bad impression that I don’t respect my own work and even leaked it when my career just
took off.

Please, Diana… I really have nothing to my name aside from my potential career.”

Her words, her posture, her pleas, her feigned innocence.

How pitiful.

Kayla even made clear the awkward situation that Julian was no longer divorcing Diana, which made it
sound like he had let Kayla down.

As Diana had expected, her words were effective in agitating Julian. He could no longer hold himself
back.” Diana! Apologize to Kayla right now!”

There’s that insufferable demand again.

The moment Kayla was upset or when something happened to him, it was certainly Diana’s fault.

Chapter 143


Even though they had never seen each other before this, Diana was the one who caused Kayla to be
upset. Well, who was the cause of Diana being upset?!

A derisive chill crept into Diana’s eyes as she clenched her fists and looked coldly at Kayla. “Kayla,
what makes you so sure I was the one who leaked this design draft? How do you know that I’m
definitely the one. who made Fanny Smith’s dress?”

“Julian has already confirmed things with one of the servants at our house before he came looking for
you. You did ask her where my room was at the birthday party,” Kayla said through her sobs, refusing
to stand up even when Julian tried to pull her up in a bid to victimize herself. “Aside from you, none of
the Winningtons has the motive to enter my room and take away my design draft.”

Diana never expected so many traps to be laid for her, one after another, after the birthday party.

Even a few innocent questions she asked a servant in the house became proof of her stealing Kayla’s

Diana shrugged and looked at Julian. “I didn’t enter her room. What’s more…” She picked up all of
Kayla’s drafts, knelt to the floor so that she was on the same level as Kayla and said, “Do you dare
claim that you personally drew these design drafts?”

Her tone was intimidating, even resembling Julian somewhat as she fixed her pointed gaze at Kayla.

It sent chills down Kayla’s spine.

Diana wasn’t like that three years ago. Back then, she was timid and afraid, and disliked by everyone.
She was an insignificant bug easily disregarded by everyone.

But now… That insignificant little bug had grown into a beautiful swan.

And she did so under Julian’s thorough care and protection.

That thought deepened Kayla’s jealousy of Diana. She insisted, “Of course! Who else would it be if not
me? You?!”

Diana chuckled. “Yes, me.”

As she knelt on the floor and tilted her head back in laughter, she looked just like a rose blooming in the
night. Her eyes, calm like a quiet river, looked right at Julian, as if trying to bewitch him. “This time, do
you believe me?”

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