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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 147

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 147

Julian dialed Diana’s number immediately. “Where are you?”

He must hear about the design draft directly from her.

Coincidentally, Diana wanted to see him. “Come to the hospital.”

With that, she went to the ward next door to visit Grandma. Seeing that the old woman was still resting,
Diana didn’t wake her up. Instead, she tucked her into the sheets and returned to her own ward,
waiting patiently for Julian to come over.

This time, he didn’t come charging at her with a bad temper as he did before.

He simply placed the design draft on the table and asked whether Diana found it familiar.

“I do find it familiar.” Of course, she did!

It was the design draft that she drew herself!

But now, all the design drafts that she left in the Winningtons had become Kayla’s.

A storm was brewing in Julian’s eyes. “In other words, you’re really the one who leaked the design

“You’re so amusing.” Diana couldn’t hold back a cynical chuckle. “You’ve already convicted me of
plagiarism even before coming here, thinking that I made a gown out of Kayla’s design before she
could. In that case, why are you still being pretentious and asking me for the truth?”

Would he believe her if she actually told the truth?

As if! She no longer trusted him on that.

After all, he was still confused about the poisoning incident and immediately convicted her of being
guilty despite having zero evidence. Had it not been for Grandma…

Diana rubbed her knees, as all the hurt that Julian had caused her came flooding back.

She felt pain piercing her heart as she lifted her eyes to look at him.

Her eyes were crystal clear.

The look on her face made Julian almost doubt his own judgment. But… Didn’t he give Diana a chance
to explain herself when he first entered the ward?

She admitted it herself that she was familiar with Kayla’s design draft.

Julian couldn’t help but furrow his brows. “You accused me of not believing your words right after you

that you found Kayla’s design draft familiar. Diana, what exactly do you mean by that?”

She just lost her baby yesterday, so Julian didn’t want to be too harsh on her.

Therefore, he kept holding his anger back.

Still, it didn’t mean that he would condone her behavior.

“If you want me to believe you, shouldn’t you show some proof?!”

Diana laughed out loud again. “In that case, should you show some proof yourself when you accuse
me of copying Kayla’s work?”

Julian slapped the photo of Fanny Smith’s dress on the table and put it side by side with the preliminary
draft, beckoning Diana to take a good look for herself.

Diana did so. The starry dress that Fanny Smith was wearing looked just as good as she had imagined!

Most importantly, this gown represented her deep gratitude toward Oliver.

Not only did his girlfriend accept the gift she sent, but she even wore it to the award ceremony and
received numerous praises over it.

The thought of the good comments received brought a smile to her face and lit up her beautiful eyes.

She lowered her head, revealing her fair and long neck.

Looking at it, Julian’s hands began feeling the itch….

But when Diana looked at the design draft once again, the calm and peace in her eyes disappeared as

flooded inside them.

‘What good taste Kayla has,‘ she thought sarcastically.

How smart of Kayla to use her best work as her trump card.

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