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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 146

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 146

However, Diana wasn’t one to suffer in silence and allow others to bully her anymore.

Kayla had been testing her limits time and time again. It was time for Diana to let Kayla have a taste of
her own medicine!

She kept her phone and fixed her attention on Julian’s eyes on the screen. Her lips curled into a slight
smile as she took a screenshot of their conversation. Then, she moved her attention to the design

Kayla was displaying some of the design drafts again.

From the livestream of the press conference, Diana could tell that most people were praising Kayla for
the design flair. Some even claimed that Kayla’s drafts were so good she could practically be the
successor of D&J.

Be her successor?

Diana smirked. Such a copycat wasn’t fit for that honor!

“Don’t get so excited, everyone.” Kayla’s voice was still hoarse, and she didn’t say much throughout the
press conference. Seeing that the event was about to draw to a close, Kayla took out a bunch of design
drafts and said, “This is the series of my work that I’m most pleased with. If anyone is interested in
purchasing it, I’m willing to sell it to someone I have an affinity with.”

Coincidentally, the draft she was flashing was the preliminary draft of the gown Diana had dr.


.. for Fanny

At the same time, right after the award ceremony drew to a close, Fanny Smith was brought to the
center of attention and trending on social media because of her beautiful outfit.

Many people began fighting in the comments section. “Why do I feel like the dress Fanny Smith was
wearing looked so much like the design draft of the up–and–coming designer Fulcher Inc. is trying so
hard to promote?”

“Don’t be silly! The designer’s outfit isn’t even done yet. How could Fanny Smith be wearing it?”

“But they look so similar!”

“I say… The gown came from an unknown source and brand. It might be bought from a small

“A top celebrity, wearing something from a small workshop? What’s more, something that was
plagiarized from somewhere else. What a joke…!”

Because of that, Fanny Smith’s reputation was almost torn to shreds.

Meanwhile, a photo of Fanny Smith’s gown was sent to Julian.

Kayla cried out loud upon seeing it. “This is my blood, sweat and tears. I haven’t even had the time to
make it! How did it… How…?”

An emerging designer having her design stolen and worn by a top celebrity was big news that quickly
began trending online. Suddenly, Kayla amassed for herself hordes of supporters fighting for her rights
and calling out the plagiarizer who made Fanny Smith’s dress.

At the same time, there were many who chided Kayla and accused her of stealing other people’s
design draft

and claiming it as her work, with the Fulchers as her backers.

Kayla didn’t expect to clash with what a top celebrity was wearing.

In light of the compounding mess, the press conference was forced to draw to a close.

Julian compared Kayla’s design draft with the gown that Fanny Smith was wearing. Although Fanny
Smith’s gown was more exquisite, more beautiful and had better design sense, he could very well see
that the design. draft could very well be the prototype of Fanny Smith’s gown.

Julian turned solemn, but he didn’t forget to comfort Kayla upon seeing how sorrowfully she was crying.
He pondered for a moment before asking, “Did you show anyone your design draft before the press

Kayla was stunned for a while before shaking her head. “No…”

“But…” She lifted her tear–stained eyes to look at Julian. “Diana may have seen it before…She
attended Mom’s birthday party that day, and even asked the servants whether the room on the first
floor was mine. I’m not sure if she actually entered my room.”

“Your design draft was in your room the whole time?”

Kayla nodded. “Yes. It’s been on my desk since I returned from abroad. Usually, no one would enter my
room, so I didn’t keep my guard up…”

She began sobbing again as she spoke, gripping tightly onto Julian’s shirt. “Julian… Why…why did
Diana do this to me? It’s enough that she ruined my throat. Now, she’s even made my draft into a gown

and sold it to Fanny Smith!

I haven’t even officially entered the industry, yet something so terrible has happened to me. Will
everyone laugh at me for not being able to protect my own drafts? Julian, I’ve let you down… I couldn’t
live up to your expectations!”

With that, she could no longer hold her emotions back and rushed to the washroom.

The sight of Kayla bawling her eyes out made Julian’s face darken with displeasure.


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