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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 145

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 145

He smiled merrily, effectively charming the audience with an arch of his brows. “Are you trying to show
concern for my family affairs?”

Even though he said it with a smile, his tone was deeply intimidating.

However, the reporter was filled with confidence.

He was sure he could get something good from Julian, and that his news would become the headlines!

But before he could continue, received a call from his boss.

When he accepted the call, he immediately heard his boss yelling at him, “From today onwards, you’re
fired. No need to come back to the office!”

His eyes widened with shock as his smug smile was wiped off his face. He exclaimed in disbelief, “But

He was about to get the scoop on Julian’s private affairs and write the hottest headlines that would
send their magazine flying off the shelves!

Why was he suddenly fired?!

His boss looked at the acquisition contract he had just received and the slew of lawyers in his office
before replying to the reporter, “From now on, this magazine belongs to the Fulchers. You’ve just
offended the big boss at the press conference!”

With that, the call ended abruptly.

Noel, on the other hand, sauntered over and ‘thoughtfully‘ removed the reporter’s work pass. The
reporter walked out of the press conference in a daze.

He didn’t expect Julian to have such


Probably no one in Richburgh could force him to do what he refused to.

He had underestimated Julian Fulcher…

After that little hiccup, the mood in the press conference became significantly harmonious. The
questions that the other reporters asked were all sensible and within boundaries.

Toward the second half of the event, Julian finally replied to Diana’s text. “What? Jealous to see Kayla
and I together?”

This time, the red exclamation mark did not appear.

The corner of Julian’s lips lifted.

Diana was rendered speechless with Julian’s text.

What did he mean by jealous?

Just yesterday, he had personally sent her into the operation theater and forced her to abort her baby.
And today, he was blatantly accompanying Kayla to the press conference.

Even when a reporter had seemingly seen through the complicated relationship between the three of

Julian pretended it was no big deal and had the cheek to accuse her of being jealous.

Diana was perturbed. “You have a screw loose! Disgusting!”

Julian chuckled out loud when he saw Diana’s reply.

She must be in such a huff right now, her cheeks puffing up like a squirrel.

If he could pinch her cheeks, it would surely make him feel good.

His smile was so dazzling that when he was caught on camera, the videographer zoomed in on his

Diana saw his zoomed–in face on the screen, and was certain that he indeed had a screw loose.

Why was he smiling so gleefully when she scolded him?

Didn’t he remember how cruel he had been when he forced her to the hospital?

Didn’t he understand how awkward she felt when he and Kayla behaved that way?

What made it worse…was that all the drafts displayed at today’s press conference actually came from
Diana. It seemed nothing could stop Kayla from doing something so abhorrent, even as she tried to
hide from Diana

and not see her at all.

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