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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 144

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 144

She even felt like his eyes were no longer focused on her anymore.

Kayla was so frightened by the prospect that her face paled. She rushed backstage and called Lucy
immediately. “Did you check Diana’s case file in the City Hospital?”

Lucy replied, “That girl dealt with it properly, but I got your dad’s help to try to dig things up. We should
be able to find out very soon if she’s pregnant or not.”

Kayla felt more reassured, but she bit her lip hard. “They didn’t get divorced yesterday. I’m getting a
little worried…”

She was worried that Diana was really pregnant, and that was the reason Julian didn’t want to divorce

Lucy was shocked for a moment. “How could that be? Wasn’t Julian already on his way to the Civil
Affairs Bureau that day?”

“Yes, he was.” Kayla nodded. “But when I asked him about it just now, he said the divorce didn’t go
through. This time, he didn’t even explain anything to me.”

She had no choice but to consider the possibility that Diana was pregnant.

She wondered if that would make Julian care more about Diana.

“That b*tch! She should’ve died that day at the birthday party!” Lucy yelled in anger. She took a deep
breath in an attempt to calm herself down. “No, no. It’s at times like this I must remain calm. I’ll update
you the moment I hear from your dad.”

Kayla nodded, feeling a little out of spirits. “Okay.”

By the time she hung up and walked out, the press conference was about to begin.

Julian was seated on the main seat, waiting for her.

Kayla put on a beaming smile on her face, acting as if nothing had happened as she walked over to
him. ” Julian.”

Julian nodded and signaled to the reporters that they could begin filming.

Kayla’s works were displayed one after another.

Her displayed drafts made Diana, who had been watching the press conference on her TV, almost
explode with anger.

Those were her works!

Those were drafts she had left at the Winningtons before she got married. How did they become

works instead?

She glanced at the headline of the press conference: Up–and–coming designer?

Was such a blatant liar who stole other people’s works worthy of that title?! Worthy of being a designer
at all?!

Diana felt deeply humiliated.


Julian had grown up with Kayla. Would he be ignorant as to whether Kayla had talent in design? Diana
had never heard about Kayla knowing how to design clothes before this press conference!

Even so, Julian was willing to hold a press conference for Kayla and announce that he had invested in
various fast fashion brands in the country, a clear indication that he had no qualms about spending big
bucks for his beloved woman.

At that moment, his dark eyes were looking right at the camera, as focused as a hawk. “I have also
acquired L. I believe these platforms will present great opportunities for Kayla Winnington to realize her
design talents.”


The L that she purchased back then in a moment of recklessness?

Diana almost vomited blood, enraged by Julian’s words. How did L become a stepping stone for Kayla?

Was Julian bent on angering her to death?!

At the sight of the handsome man on the screen, Diana could no longer hold herself back. She added
Julian back into her list of contacts and sent him a picture of her middle finger.

She despised him!


Julian looked down at his phone that sounded. His face broke into a bright smile.

Just then, a reporter held a mic out toward Julian. “Mr. Fulcher, I heard you and your wife are a very
loving couple. You even sent a bodyguard to protect her when she went back to her parents‘ house to
attend a birthday party. I saw you smiling so happily just now. Were you texting your wife?”

Julian lifted his head as he shot the reporter a piercing look

It sent chills down the reporter’s spine, but he pushed his glasses up his nose and went on, “Miss
Kayla is your wife’s sister. Is your endorsement of Miss Kayla your wife’s idea?”

His question was incisive indeed.

If Julian said yes, it would look bad on Kayla. She might even get hurt.

But if he said no, what would Diana, who was probably elsewhere watching this press conference live,

Or even… How would that affect how others see Diana as his wife?

Their looks of loathing would be enough to pierce Diana’s heart.

As Julian glanced at Kayla seated next to him, a bewildered look on her face, he quickly arrived at the

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