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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 143

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 143

He was always the one who hung up first.

But now…

Julian felt that ever since Diana was exposed to be pregnant with Oliver’s child and after both of them

promised Grandma not to get a divorce, Diana had been behaving without restraint. She acted as if
there was nothing he could do about her.

She even hung up on him so blatantly!

Silence ensued over the phone, and when Julian looked at the screen… Huh?

She really did hang up on him.

That damned woman!

Is she completely fearless now that he had promised Grandma not to get a divorce? Did she think she
had protection?

He imagined the smug look on her face, and wished he could run to her right now and erase that smile

her face.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t leave the press conference at this moment.

Kayla needed his endorsement and his presence as a back up.

Only with him around will others know how highly he regarded Kayla. That would bring the greatest
benefit to Kayla at the shortest time possible.

Yet, his heart…

It was itching so badly because of Diana.

“Julian…” Kayla’s throat was sore because she spoke too much. She kept drinking water to relieve the
pain, but her voice was still hoarse and sounded ugly. Yet, Julian didn’t seem to notice it and simply
responded in a

daze. “Hmm?”

Kayla tightened her grip over her bottle as she lowered her head coyly. “Why do you always zone out
when you look at me?”

Her forehead was completely exposed, unlike Diana, who would always have locks of hair framing her

And was Diana’s neck even slimmer than Kayla’s?

Each time Julian held the back of Diana’s neck, he felt like her head would tilt forward the moment he
exerted any force. He could overpower her anytime.

But how would Kayla’s neck feel?

Julian glanced at Kayla for a moment before retracting his gaze.

Strange. He didn’t feel so curious to find out the answer to that question.

“Not for any reason in particular, just that you look very pretty today,” Julian said in passing. He couldn’t

hold back the urge to pull out his phone again to text Diana.

The text read, “How’s Grandma? Are you in her ward?”

After sending the text, a red exclamation mark appeared on his screen.

This is…

Julian immediately clicked on the notification. He couldn’t believe it. Diana blocked him?!

When did that happen?!

Kayla was taken aback by the exaggerated shock on his face. His handsome face, that never failed to
mesmerize her, was so shocked and angry that all the joy she felt at that point dissipated in an instant.
“ What happened?”

Julian ignored her, but his long fingers gripped his phone so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Kayla looked at his phone screen and saw Diana’s name on the notification.

Although she didn’t have Diana’s contact, she would often spy on Diana’s socials.

However, she didn’t expect Julian to check on Diana’s socials too.

“Julian, you and Diana…” She hesitated before asking, “Didn’t you get a divorce yesterday. Is she
looking for you today?”


A vicious look flashed past the depths of Julian’s eyes. “No, we didn’t manage to go through with it

With that, he left the venue without any intention of explaining things to Kayla. Instead, he called for

Kayla heard him say clearly, “Open your app. I want to see Diana’s friends on social media.”

Noel shot Julian a mystified look.

By the time Julian was done, his face had gone completely dark with displeasure. He no longer had the
intention of going to Kayla and talking to her anymore.

Anger boiled in Kayla’s heart as she observed Julian.

Diana, oh Diana! Why… Why was it that even after doing so much and talking until her throat went
hoarse, Kayla was still unable to chase Diana away from Julian?

She even…

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