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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 142

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 142

Julian’s intent for the press conference was to help promote Kayla and help her take her first step as an
up- and–coming designer.

But at that moment, his attention was fixed on his phone.

Diana neither called nor texted him.

“Julian, do you think putting the potted plants on both sides will make it look informal?” Kayla was very
enthusiastic about the press conference, and basically did almost everything herself.

Julian didn’t even lift his head to look at her. “Hmm, no.”

Kayla sighed and put the things in her hands down before walking toward Julian. “Julian, what’s on
your mind? Are you very busy with work?”

Julian said noncommittally, “I’ll head out to make a call.”

Kayla stopped dead in her tracks.

Didn’t they complete the divorce proceedings yesterday?

The call definitely has nothing to do with Diana.

Kayla tried to reassure herself that Julian was probably busy with work, and did not follow behind him.
She turned around and continued ordering people around as they prepared the site for the press

Thankfully, Diana’s phone was finally switched on.

“What?” she snapped, her tone hostile.

The thought of what happened yesterday at the hospital made her unable to face him like before.

Julian could sense how upset she was from her tone. Instead of being angry, however, it immediately
soothed his deeply–furrowed brows. He glanced at his watch and went on, “Nothing much. Have you
been waiting for Kayla for long?”

Diana laughed coldly. “Me, waiting for her? I’m not even going!”

Coincidentally, he had never given both of them the appointment timing, and Kayla never knew about
this meeting with Diana.

He did so in front of Grandma not only because he had no choice, but also because he wanted to teach

a lesson.

To think that she never thought of going!

“Are you playing me for a fool?” His tongue pressed against the back of his teeth as he spoke with an
edge to his voice which could send shivers down one’s spine.

Diana chuckled cynically, “Likewise, Mr. Fulcher.”

The moment she saw Julian’s call, Diana could guess what was on his mind.

He wanted to secretly take revenge on her for making Kayla wait in vain at the café the last time.

He was truly thoughtful and caring toward Kayla….

But such open affections for Kayla utterly disgusted Diana, his wife in name. “I’m hanging up.”

They had nothing further to say to each other, anyway.

Diana thought that right now, the worst Julian felt about her, the better. The more she challenged his
bottom -line, the faster she could get the divorce proceedings over and done with.

Whatever it was, as long as Julian wanted to, it was definitely possible to hide it from Madam Fulcher.

But now… She was unable to see through his intentions.

After last night, Diana had this nagging feeling that he really wasn’t intending to divorce her because of

Madam Fulcher.

Could Kayla afford to wait?

Diana had decided. If Julian did nothing over the next few days, she would no longer be a sitting duck
and wait around. Instead, she would be on the offense and make Kayla push the divorce through, no
matter what.

After all, it was getting harder for her to hide her bulging tummy as her pregnancy progressed.

“Are you completely letting yourself go?” Julian was displeased as he pondered over her nonchalant

In the past, when he was abroad for work, Diana would talk to him on the phone for at least an hour.
She couldn’t bear to hang up even after her throat went hoarse from talking, and would whine for Julian
to continue listening to her share about her day.

Be it something small and ordinary like flowers in her potted plants blooming, a patch of grass wilting,
or the delicious food served for dinner that day, she could speak to him about it for hours on end.

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