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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 141

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 141

In the end, this wasn’t something she could decide.

Thus, Diana could only leave with regrets.

Half an hour later, at the door of Fanny’s place.

Cherise, her manager, was chased out once again. Unfortunately, there were only three hours left till
the award ceremony began.

Even if the outfit was designed and ready, three hours was hardly enough time to prepare.

What’s more, Fanny had yet to select an outfit. She spent the entire time throwing a tantrum, insisting
on wearing a D&J outfit. But where was Cherise going to get one when D&J had announced their
retirement from the business?

Cherise leaned against the door as she heard things being thrown around and smashed in the
apartment, her brows furrowing in frustration.

This spoiled princess…

Even though she had struck out on her own from the Channings, her temper remained the same.

But Fanny had to attend tonight’s award ceremony no matter what, because she had won an award.
Although she had won Most Popular Celebrity Award rather than Best Actress Award, it warranted her
presence all the more. Otherwise, the media might accuse Fanny of thinking too highly of herself and
lacking acting skills. That would be terrible for someone like Fanny, who depended on popularity for
survival in the industry.

As such, Cherise must ensure that Fanny appeared on time at the award ceremony looking her very

But where was Cherise going to get an outfit in time?

Cherise lowered her head, about to pull out a cigarette for a quick puff when she saw a bag hanging on
the door handle.

She suddenly remembered that it was sent by that lady before, who called herself Diana Winnington.

Mr. Channing had told Cherise to receive Diana’s offering well, but because she was so occupied with
choosing an outfit for Fanny, she didn’t have the energy to care about it.

Now as she looked around, Diana Winnington was nowhere to be seen.

Cherise held her forehead and couldn’t hold back a sigh. She casually took the clothes out from inside
the bag. to take a glance.

The instant she did, her eyes lit up, as if she was seeing a room full of gold.

The design of this dress…was top notch!

She immediately entered Fanny’s apartment and showed the dress off to Fanny. “What about this

“Don’t bother me with lousy…‘

Before Fanny could complete her sentence, her voice turned high pitched. She leapt from the couch
and she

asked in utter surprise, “Where did you get this dress from?”

It looked even better than D&Y’s pieces!

Fanny was used to wearing haute couture, having once spent big bucks and waited for a year to wear
a D&Y piece. Despite that, she had never seen anything as beautiful as this little gown.

Its design was simply out of the world!

Without another word, Fanny immediately took the dress and tried it out in her dressing room. When
she stepped out, even Cherise who saw her day in day out was stunned at how it looked on her.

The dress made it look as if the vast galaxy itself was emblazoned on her body, and Fanny was akin to
a celestial being floating amongst the stars. Coupled with her lithe figure and fair skin, one look from
her was enough to dazzle anyone who glanced at her.

It was a romantic, innocent, yet mesmerizing look.

The gown highlighted Fanny’s beauty.

Even Fanny stood in a daze as she stared at herself in the mirror.

It was far too beautiful…

Seeing how satisfied Fanny was, Cherise acted quickly in fear of any further complications. She quickly
stuffed Diana’s note in her pocket and said, “It’s designed by a newcomer in the industry. It’s good you


As the ceremony was about to begin, Fanny didn’t ask any further and simply said, “We can work with
the designer in the future.”

Cherise knew that meant that Fanny was happy with the dress, and heaved a sigh of relief. She
jumped into action immediately. “Quick! It’s the make–up artist’s turn!”

At the same time, Julian was preparing for a press conference.

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