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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 139

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 139

This man was unbelievable!

So, he actually wanted to push Diana over to Kayla?

What was he thinking?

Diana didn’t want to see Kayla!

Right now, Diana perceived Kayla and Julian as significant threats in her life.

Nothing good could happen from seeing either of them!

However, Grandma seemed pleased with Julian’s reply. In fact, she even gently pinched Diana’s hand
to signal that Diana should agree to it.

Against her own will, Diana was forced to agree. “Okay.”

Julian decisively made a call and told Diana that the appointment had been made. Regardless of what
Diana would say to Kayla, he wouldn’t get involved.

This man sure was good at pretending!

Diana was certain that if she even said anything to hurt Kayla, Julian would rip her throat apart.

When she and Kayla were supposed to meet the next day, she switched off her phone and didn’t show
up at all.

Diana didn’t want to meet Kayla.

Although Diana managed to escape unscathed from the birthday party last time, she had a feeling that
the poison in the fruit juice or alcohol was meant for her. Oliver had also said that taking any large
dosages of the poison could be lethal.

However, Kayla ended up hurting her throat with it.

That evil woman would go as far as hurting herself. Diana didn’t dare to imagine what other ridiculous
things she could be capable of.

Besides, Kayla’s face looked so much like hers…

It hurt Diana mentally to even see Kayla’s face.

And so, Diana decided not to show up. After being discharged from the hospital, she went to Starlight

This was where famous celebrities lived. The rental price for each unit was at least 30,000 dollars a
month, and every inch of the property was expensive. Oliver’s girlfriend, Fanny Smith, lived there. She
didn’t have any plans for the day, and Oliver had told Diana that she could drop by if she wanted to
meet Fanny.

Diana had caused too much trouble for Oliver lately. Although Fulcher Inc. probably made sure nobody
talked about how he and Oliver fought in the hospital and nobody dared to record the incident, Fanny
must’ve heard about it from Oliver.

Thus, Diana wanted to deliver the dress she made to Fanny as soon as possible.

This was her way of apologizing. It would also clear things up for Fanny, so that she wouldn’t think
there was anything going on between Diana and Oliver due to their frequent contact.

However, Diana wasn’t greeted with pleasantries the way she had imagined upon entering Fanny’s

On the contrary, the unit was a complete mess. It seemed something big was happening inside. In fact,
many objects had been flung to the ground and broken into pieces. Diana didn’t dare to walk any
further in. However, if she left now, she might not get another opportunity like this to meet a top–notch
female celebrity when she wasn’t working.

And So, Diana searched for a spot by the door. She sat on her purse and waited for three hours.

Once workers cleaned up the room and there was no longer any shouting, Diana adjusted her outfit
and pretended not to have heard anything as she walked politely into the room.

Fanny had a gorgeous physique. She was wearing a red cami dress at that moment. Although the
design was simple, her curly hair and bright red lips brought it to life, as if it was made of luxurious silk.

Fanny’s eyes were especially charming. There was an innocent yet seductive quality to them. Nobody
could forget them, even after a single glance.

Diana was momentarily stunned.

This was until Fanny approached her. “Who are you?”

Fanny had no recollection that any of her employees looked this good.

The two women began sizing each other up. However, they were both stunned by the other’s beauty.

After a long while, Diana recollected herself and quick wanded the dress to Fanny. “Nice to meet you,

Smith. I’m Diana Winnington, the person Oliver told you about. I came to deliver this dress to you as
my way of thanking both of you.”

Fanny immediately realized who Diana was. There was a playful look in her eyes this time as she said,
“Oh, it’s you. Oliver told me all about you.‘


Although Fanny responded in such a manner, she didn’t accept the dress. She basically left Diana

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