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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 140

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 140

Diana wasn’t expecting their meeting to be so awkward. She wanted to show Fanny the dress, but
Fanny’s manager suddenly called out to her. “Fanny! What do you think of these?”

Fanny and Diana both turned around.

Fanny’s manager was holding up several dresses. It seemed the manager wanted Fanny to continue
choosing her outfit.

However, Fanny became visibly impatient. “I already told you, all of them look ugly as hell! I only want
designs from D&J. Don’t you get it?!”

The manager looked troubled. “She hasn’t been putting out much work over the past few years.
Besides, she just announced she’d stop designing. None of our people can contact her now.”

Diana was standing right there, speechless.

In reality, she was right in front of them. She even came here to personally deliver Fanny’s dress…

However, Fanny didn’t want to entertain Diana at all.

It seemed Oliver’s girlfriend was jealous of Diana.

Diana felt even more guilty about interfering with their relationship. Although she sensed Fanny’s
hostility, she still asked in a polite manner, “Miss Smith, are you attending a party?”

All the outfits the manager was holding were long dresses. Most of them were obvious designs such as
V- neck, backless, and shoulder length dresses. However, Fanny’s facial features were distinct. These
outfits didn’t fit her at all.

It was no wonder she didn’t like them and threw such a huge tantrum about it.

Diana recalled how Fanny flung things around three hours ago, and she shuddered.

Fortunately, Diana happened to be around today and could offer her help.

“Hmph!” Fanny removed her slippers and sank into the couch. She didn’t even look at Diana. “You can
leave after putting the dress down.”

It didn’t seem she had anything else to say to Diana.

Diana recalled how Oliver helped her, and she didn’t back down. On the contrary, she mustered the
courage to approach Fanny. “If you can’t find anything you like, you could perhaps check out the one I
brought you.”

“I personally made it,” Diana added.

“Pfft.” Fanny impatiently swung her foot side to side.

The woman her brother had a crush on certainly was interesting.

So what if she personally made this dress?

She wasn’t D&J. Why would Fanny think any differently of her and wear a dress made by an amateur

“Never mind.” Fanny didn’t like people who lacked good sense. Besides, she had shown Diana enough

patience. “Please show our guest the way out.” Fanny directly called for her manager.

Diana couldn’t even put the dress down before she was kicked out.

She was D&J! She really wanted to help!

But she had already been kicked out…

Why was Fanny’s temperament so different from Oliver’s?

Feeling helpless, Diana hung the dress on the door knob. She left a note on top. “Oliver gave me these
measurements. If it doesn’t fit, feel free to contact me, and I’ll come to mend it.”

Although this was what Diana wrote, she had a hunch that Fanny wouldn’t even try the dress on
because of her spoiled personality.

A pity for Diana’s craftsmanship.

She was rather pleased with how the dress turned out, too.

However, it couldn’t be helped. Diana wanted to thank Oliver’s girlfriend, so this dress was fated to be

by Fanny.

At the very least, Diana had personally delivered it to Fanny to show her gratitude. Diana glanced at
the dress a few more times. She could only console herself by telling herself it was the thought that
counted. This would probably convince Fanny that Diana wasn’t romantically involved with Oliver. The
couple should be fine moving forward.


If only Fanny could wear it! With its intricate starry sky design, the dress and its wearer would no doubt
look spectacular.

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