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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

Perhaps too many things had happened today. Even something as simple as this made him feel lost.

Julian took a deep breath. He ignored the shocked look in Diana’s eyes. “Let’s not get a divorce. We’ll
spend the rest of our lives together,” he finally said.

Diana was speechless.

Why weren’t they getting a divorce?

Why did she have to forgive him just because he apologized, and in such a half–baked way at that?

Was this Julian’s real motive for dragging her over to Grandma’s bed?

Was this what Grandma asked him to do…after she left the ward?

That explained why Julian was so angry when he saw her. He even claimed that Grandma had

with her…

But this wasn’t what Diana intended!

From the moment she was sent into the operating room and forced to have an abortion, she already
made up her mind that she would get a divorce with Julian.

Nothing anyone said would change her mind.

But now…

She looked at Grandma, who couldn’t even say a thing, and her resolve weakened.

This old woman, despite having no blood ties with her, had sacrificed too much for her.

In fact, Grandma’s ailment had everything to do with Diana.

Diana had no idea what Grandma said to Julian while she was away from the ward that prompted him
to behave like this toward her.

The look in Grandma’s eyes… There were hints of joy and encouragement. Grandma once said she
would protect Diana for the rest of her life.

In her own way, Grandma really was looking out for Diana. Even if her method of faking the pregnancy
test result was inappropriate, and she even nearly caused Diana to lose her baby, she was much too
kind to Diana. If Diana hated Grandma because of this, it would be wrong on Diana’s part.

After all, the source of all these problems was Julian and no one else.

If he hadn’t married Diana as his stand–in wife, if he hadn’t…allowed Kayla to hurt her… More
importantly, if he hadn’t forced her to get an abortion….

None of this would’ve happened.

Now, even when Grandma could barely lift a finger, she was still trying to hold Diana’s hand. She
seemed to be telling Diana, “I’m right here. Don’t be afraid. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I’ll
make sure Julian stays with you.‘


‘But Grandma, Julian isn’t the same person he used to be,‘ Diana thought.

Ever since he mentioned getting a divorce, her idea of romance had crumbled into pieces, bit by bit.

However, Diana gently held Grandma’s hand and glanced at Julian. “If we don’t get a divorce, what
happens to Kayla?”

“Diana Winnington!” Julian exclaimed, fuming.

He already told her to cooperate with him in front of Grandma. Why was she being so ignorant?

Why did she have to bring up Kayla right now?

Was she trying to use Grandma to protect herself?

‘I’ve got to hand it to you, Diana!‘ Julian thought angrily.

Julian tried his best to suppress his wrath. He didn’t want to upset Grandma any further. “I’ll deal with
it,” he snapped.

t do you mean by that?”

Julian had forced Diana to get rid of her most precious baby today. Although it didn’t actually happen,
the fear and pain she felt in that moment were real.

So, she wanted Julian to have a taste of the same sort of pain!

In fact… She needed to get a divorce with Julian. This was to ensure the safety of herself and her

However, she couldn’t talk about their divorce in front of Grandma for now.

In that case, she could only make use of every opportunity to make him hate her.

The only person who could trigger his emotions was Kayla.

Hence, Diana intentionally mentioned Kayla to make him feel bad!

To her surprise, Julian suddenly laughed. “Diana, if you can’t take a step back in this matter and insist
on dealing with Kayla yourself, I won’t stop you.” Julian shrugged nonchalantly. “I’ll set up an
appointment for the two of you to meet tomorrow.

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