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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 137

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 137

It turned out Julian wanted to put on a show for Grandma.

Diana instantly understood his intentions. “Okay.”

However, she couldn’t bring herself to lie to Grandma that they were getting back together.

Besides, the idea itself disgusted her.

It made her feel as uncomfortable, just as the coat that was suddenly draped over her did.

In the end, she still followed after him. “Julian, don’t you think it’s funny to say we’re getting back

“Funny?” Julian couldn’t quite get it. “Why would it be funny? Grandma’s health is already in a poor
state. She’s willing to cooperate with you by lying about the pregnancy test. She said you weren’t
actually pregnant and she made it all up, resulting in so much confusion. Are you unwilling to tell a
single lie for the sake of her health? Diana, you know as well as I do that you didn’t fake being
pregnant. I saw the baby with my own eyes.

Besides, Diana admitted that it belonged to Oliver.

Julian didn’t say all this in front of Grandma.

He felt that he had been fair enough to Diana.

However, Diana began to look at Julian with an increasing sense of hostility. “How dare you mention
the baby!”


She managed to protect her baby this time, but what if it happened again?

What if the doctor who came in wasn’t Vans?

Wouldn’t her nightmare of getting an abortion actually have taken place?

She would’ve lost the baby in her stomach!

However, Julian was still able to mention it so nonchalantly. It didn’t sound like he cared at all.

At this moment, Diana truly felt the urge to tell him that the child belonged to both of them!

This was his child!

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the courage to do so.

Julian only loved Kayla. If he found out that Diana was secretly pregnant with his child, he would only
act more mercilessly. Perhaps, he might actually take a closer look at the bloody lump. If he realized
that wasn’t actually what he was told it’d be, she would have even more to lose.

Diana couldn’t afford to make such a bet on her baby.

“How can I not bring it up?” Julian asked. “You were the one who did me wrong. You became pregnant

another man’s child.”

Julian was already kind enough not to punish her for what she did!

However, she didn’t seem grateful at all.

Julian suddenly reached out, and Diana’s body became stiff. She only felt a chill on her body. He
removed the coat draped over her body and hastily walked into the hospital. She could sense the anger
in his footsteps.

This person was certainly interesting.

Diana couldn’t resist sneering. How could he even get angry when he instigated everything?!

However, after the two of them entered the ward, she stopped looking angry. In fact, she even smiled at
Grandma. “I brought you porridge.” Diana pressed the button for the dining table. She wanted to serve
Grandma the food she bought.

However, Julian stopped her. “She can’t eat anything yet.”

After what happened earlier, Grandma could only receive nutrients through drips.

Diana was stunned. She looked at Grandma, and realized the old lady looked much frailer than before.
She couldn’t help but look confusedly at Julian. It was as if she was asking him what happened while
she was


Julian briefly explained Grandma’s condition to Diana.

His face was blank as he said mechanically, “I’m sorry. I knew getting an abortion would hurt your body,
but I wasn’t thinking in your shoes. I shouldn’t have thought that way.” Julian took a deep breath in front
of Grandma’s bed. “I’m a jerk. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Although Julian was forced to say these things and the words were difficult to get out, he meant
everything he said from the bottom of his heart.

He really did want to say those things to her.

If Diana hadn’t been pregnant with Oliver’s child….

If the child didn’t belong to Oliver, would he want it?

Back in the factory unit, he swore he wouldn’t allow Diana to have his child. Suddenly, he didn’t have
an answer to the question he had once asked himself.

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