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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 136

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 136Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect
Chapter 136

The food prepared by the cafeteria was decent, while the porridge and vegetables were soft and
flavorful. They would suit Grandma’s taste buds.

Diana had only just bid farewell to Nina and walked out of the cafeteria when she bumped into the
gloomy- looking Julian.

“You just had an abortion! How are you in the mood to come here and eat?” Julian looked at Diana’s
attire. All she wore was a dress with seemingly thin fabric. He couldn’t help but feel a little angry.

Why didn’t she put on an additional layer of clothing?

However, Diana couldn’t understand what he was saying at all because she was scared out of her wits.

She recalled the scene of Julian carrying her into the operating room and forcefully placing her on the
bed. The lights were then switched on…

Only God knew how hopeless she felt before she had time alone with Vans.

In fact, she also wondered if life would become meaningless once she lost her child.

Fortunately, that was when Julian walked out.

She had the opportunity to kneel before Vans and beg him to help her. She cried and begged Vans to
let her keep the child.

Finally, he agreed.

That was how they ended up putting on the show of her fake abortion.

But now… Had all that effort gone to waste because she came out for a meal?

Was it because she didn’t behave like a woman who had just gotten an abortion?

Would Julian still want to hurt her and her baby by force?

The child belonged to both of them!

Diana had so many things on her mind, but she couldn’t say a thing. Julian had only become more
merciless after finding out the truth.

How could Diana possibly not feel afraid of Julian after recalling that scene?

She clenched the food packaging in her hand even more tightly. “I was just feeling a little hungry…”

“Hungry?” Julian’s eyes turned slightly red. He wanted to tear Diana to shreds for saying that.

“Do you have any idea how Grandma… Because of you…!” He couldn’t bring himself to finish the
sentence, for Grandma was a very important person in his life.

In fact, he couldn’t even bring himself to think about how she suddenly passed out earlier.

Diana suddenly had a realization. “What happened to Grandma?” she asked nervously.

Grandma still seemed fine when Diana left her ward earlier, so Diana wanted to get some food while
giving Grandma and Julian some space and time to spend with each other. Apart from that, she also
wanted to buy

some food for Grandma so that the old woman would feel happier.

It didn’t look like Diana was pretending to feel concerned. “Nothing.” Julian didn’t explain further.
Instead, he removed his coat and draped it over Diana. “Let’s talk after we get back to the hospital.”

He just wanted to know Diana was fine.

When he couldn’t see her, he thought she had suddenly fainted after the abortion surgery, just like how
Grandma did. With nobody around to look after her, he was worried something bad might happen to

He didn’t dare to imagine the consequences.

But Diana wasn’t at all touched when she smelled the familiar scent on the coat. Rather, she was

The way Julian behaved right now….

He was no better than a bomb that could go off at any minute. It was far too dangerous. Even a simple
act like this made her instinctively hear alarm bells ringing in her head.

Julian could tell she was deeply nervous. “Once we get back to Grandma’s ward, I want you to
personally tell her that we’re getting back together.“

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