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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 135

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 135

“Julian!” Grandma’s face turned pale. Her eyes rolled back, and she passed out yet again.

At the same time, the monitor’s alarm began to ring.

Julian stood frozen in place. It felt like he had gone back in time to when he was still a child, when his
parents and grandfather left him one after the other.

Although Grandma was getting old, he never once considered the fact that she might leave him.

He was encapsulated by the fear of losing someone important. “Doctor! Doctor! Get the doctor!” He
shouted without even realizing he was shouting.

There was a moment of panic.

“Don’t make her upset.” None of the doctors in the hospital dared to give Julian a direct order. Vans
was called over by the director, and he spoke to Julian after receiving suggestions from his other
colleagues who were specialists. “Her physical condition isn’t as good as it was in the past. You have to
do your best to agree with her. If her blood pressure level gets too high, I can’t guarantee that we’ll be
able to save her from another episode of cerebral hemorrhage in time.”

Julian nodded. He turned around, resisting the urge to cry. “I understand.”

After everyone else left the ward, Julian stayed by Grandma’s side for a while longer. She finally woke

after some time.

This time, she didn’t need to say anything. “I agree to your requests,” Julian said.

Firstly, he would apologize to Diana. Secondly, he wouldn’t get a divorce with her.

However, he couldn’t find Diana after leaving Grandma’s ward.

Downstairs, in City Hospital’s cafeteria.

Diana was sitting inside the cafeteria with Nina while she leisurely ate her bowl of pork belly casserole
that happened to be the specialty dish here. The pork belly was fresh and a little on the sour side. Not
only did it look and smell good, it was also extremely appetizing.

Diana enjoyed it a lot.

However, Nina seemed very worried. “Diana, aren’t you upset that Julian forced you to get an

“Of course I’m upset.” Diana took another few bites before chuckling. “I’m not a saint.”

This wasn’t the only thing he did that made her upset.

If she had to hold a grudge over everything he did, she would be the one suffering in the end. Julian

even be affected.

However, Diana’s facial expression turned a lot gloomier at the mention of her baby. She couldn’t resist
caressing her stomach. “I managed to keep the baby with Vans’s help this time, but I don’t know how
much longer I can stand doing this with Julian.”

How was Vans going to help her once her stomach grew larger?

Julian wasn’t blind.

“Stop mentioning Vans!” Nina said in a huff. “He wasn’t helping you at all. He clearly believes Julian
isn’t such a cruel person. That’s why he keeps making excuses for Julian! In reality, he wants to keep
your baby alive, and he thinks you shouldn’t have said the baby belonged to Oliver. He thinks it’s okay
to side with Julian. Who forced you to enter the operating room? Wasn’t it Julian who forced you to get
an abortion?” Nina pierced her fork into a slice of pork belly, furious. She wanted to tear it to shreds
while imagining it was Vans. “He’s on Julian’s side. If he refuses to admit that, he’s a bastard!”

Diana chuckled at Nina’s violent actions, but she couldn’t quite understand what was on Vans’s mind
either. However, she knew she had Vans to thank for protecting her baby this time.

If Vans hadn’t found an object to shape it into a developing foetus to fool Julian, Diana would’ve lost her
baby yesterday.

That was something Diana didn’t even dare to imagine.

“Grandma always says that she cares about you and adores you, but why was she so careless this
time? Why would she send a fake pregnancy test result to Julian? None of this would’ve happened…”
Nina added.

“Grandma only wanted to help me.” Diana never once doubted Grandma’s intentions. “She had no
other choice after finding out that Julian and I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. She wanted to salvage
the marriage by using our child as an excuse…” Diana trailed off and took a sip of her soup.

“She was already in such poor shape back in the ward, but she still apologized to me while she cried.
She said she shouldn’t have done something as stupid as this,” Diana added.

Madam Fulcher was a respectable person. Besides, she used to be a business legend in Richburgh.
The old woman had no reason to lower her standards for Diana.

Whether it was the apology or the faking of Diana’s pregnancy results, Grandma did all those with the
intention of helping Diana.

As such, Diana neither blamed her nor hated her for those things.

The wind started howling outside, and Diana was worried she might catch a cold. She urged Nina to
finish her meal quickly. She also told Nina not to be angry with Vans. On the contrary, she wanted Nina
to thank him for helping her out. Finally, Diana asked the kitchen staff to pack some porridge and a side

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