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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 133

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 133

Julian felt that his life seemed to revolve around the hospital this year, so much so that he didn’t even
feel anxious when he received a call from Grandma’s house. “Did Grandma faint after finding out that I
brought Diana to the hospital for an abortion?” he asked the maid who called him.

“Yes, sir.”

“Are they bringing her to City Hospital right now?” he asked.

“That’s right, sir.”

“Alright. Got it.” Julian hung up. He didn’t sound worried. In fact, he appeared somewhat indifferent.

He was used to his grandmother’s unreasonable tactics. He was used to how she would always
threaten him with her physical health.

It was probably the same thing again this time.

However, he wasn’t going to give her another chance to take Diana away from him.

The surgery was already done by now.

Although Vans brought the thing out and walked in his direction, he didn’t even look at it. Instead, he
walked up to Diana with a sense of urgency that he didn’t even pick up on. “Is she alright?”

“The anesthetic hasn’t worn off yet. Let her rest for a while,” Vans said.

With that, Vans asked the nurse to bring Diana elsewhere. He forcefully dragged Julian into his own
office and tore Julian’s shirt off. “You got your back injured…”

There was a large bruise near his waist.

“Did you knock against something?” Vans asked.

“Yeah.” Julian recalled how Diana pushed him earlier. “It’s fine. It was an accident,” he said

Vans didn’t say anything else. All he did was give Julian a tube of medicated ointment. “Apply this on
the bruise yourself.”

“Got it.” Julian put on his shirt, but it didn’t seem like he was going to apply the medicated ointment. He
only wanted to check on Diana.

Vans couldn’t help but sigh when he saw this. “Don’t go to her. She probably doesn’t want to see you


Julian’s facial expression turned gloomy after hearing this. He didn’t speak for a long time.

Vans wanted to say something when he saw how disappointed Julian seemed. That was when he saw
Kayla’s name appearing on Julian’s phone screen. “Your phone.”

“Hmm.” Julian seemed distracted. Nobody else knew this, but all he could think about was Diana’s pale
face and the way she closed her eyes earlier.

She must’ve been in a lot of pain.

It was to such an extent that Julian couldn’t even feel the pain in his own body.

He wanted to check on her, but Vans said she might not want to see him.

Julian saw how Diana cried for that bastard, and he saw how she pushed him to the ground to protect

reasons to believe what Vans said was true.

He had sufficient

Even so, this was still a terrible feeling.

Clearly, the baby had been aborted. Why was he not as happy as he imagined he would be?

“Your phone,” Vans repeated after seeing how Julian still hadn’t picked up his phone. Only then did
Julian snap out of it as if he was waking up from a dream. He placed the phone by his ear, but he later
realized he wasn’t hearing anything because he didn’t even answer the call.

Vans witnessed all this. He wanted to speak his mind several times, but he recalled the way Diana
looked at him. In the end, he decided not to say anything.

After all, this wasn’t his business.

There were things he needed to say that he had already said to Julian. He knew Julian well enough
that it didn’t matter how many times he repeated something. Julian refused to believe the fact that he
liked Diana.

Kayla didn’t make another call.

She had always been a good girl, and she hoped she wasn’t disturbing him while he worked.

Julian was used to the two of them being rarely in contact with each other. He was holding his phone,
but it didn’t seem like he was going to call her back. Instead, he turned to look at Vans. “I’m heading out
for a


Grandma had probably arrived.

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