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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 132

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 132

This was for the better. At the very least, Diana could see Oliver for who he really was. Julian wanted
her to realize that not every guy from a rich family had the guts to steal his woman from him.

The wound on his back was still secretly aching. Julian looked at the empty corridor before turning to
face. Diana. Her eyes were red, and she was still doing everything she could to break free from him.
Julian couldn’t identify her emotions from the look in her eyes. He spoke in a calm tone. “Don’t be
afraid. I’ll go into the operating room with you.”

He wanted to personally witness Diana and Oliver’s baby being removed.

That was the only way he could resist the urge to kill someone.

It was also the only thing that would stop him from wanting Diana and himself to be joined at the hips!

Meanwhile, Diana was already close to feeling hopeless at this point.

She placed her trembling hands on his stomach. The thought of soon losing her baby devastated her,
and she instantly started bawling her eyes out.

“Are you unwilling?” The more she cried, the angrier Julian felt.

Julian couldn’t understand why Diana still wanted to keep Oliver’s child, even after the latter had shown
how much of a coward he was.

“I don’t care if you’re unwilling. You don’t have a choice!” Julian added.

He wouldn’t allow Diana to be with a man like that.

More importantly, he wouldn’t let her have Oliver’s child!

Diana looked up at Julian and said in a wounded tone, “Can’t I decide this for myself? You’ve never
cared about how I felt, Julian.”

He could do anything to her because he didn’t love her.

This was the harsh reality.

While Julian carried Diana, she silently caressed her stomach, as if she was bidding farewell to
something very important.

Her tears soaked Julian’s shirt.

Julian was getting impatient. He directly placed her on a bed and sent someone to call for Vans.

Frankly speaking, Vans was extremely shocked when he found out about all this. When he saw Diana’s
tear- streaked face, however, he knew none of this was a joke.

Julian really did find out about Diana’s pregnancy.

However, Vans had already destroyed all pregnancy test results. How did Grandma manage to get her
hands. on them?

Vans didn’t even get the chance to ask all these things. Julian already started pestering him. “You’ll
carry out this surgery.”

Vans gave Julian a look that suggested the latter was insane. “Julian, this child…”

He wanted to tell Julian everything about this child and who its father really was. He wanted to tell
Julian how hard Diana had tried to protect this baby.

However, Diana shook her head.

It wasn’t necessary.

Regardless of who this child belonged to, Julian didn’t want to keep it.

If it wasn’t his, he would feel that his ego as Diana’s husband was being challenged. If it was his, he
might get even angrier and think that Diana was lying to him. He would say that she didn’t deserve to
be pregnant with his child!

Diana didn’t want to hear anything cruel from Julian about her child anymore.

Vans held his tongue and didn’t say anything.

After all, he was an outsider. He had to respect the wishes of the person directly involved.

The lights in the operating room were soon switched on.

Vans put on his gloves and prepared various medical equipment. He then injected Diana with

Diana stared at the bright lamp above her. It seemed she was losing consciousness.

Julian looked at her lifeless face. At some point, he wanted to speak, but he chose to remain silent in
the end. In fact, he looked away.

A surgery like this…

Probably hurt a lot.

Julian suddenly regretted forcing her into the operating room. Upon thinking about who the child
belonged to, he steeled his heart. “Vans, I’m counting on you.”

Vans nodded. “It’s going to look awful. You’re not a doctor. Get out.”

Diana heard Julian’s footsteps gradually fading away. There was a sarcastic yet numbing glint in her
eyes. He knew how cruel this surgery was!

He too wanted to avoid looking at it!

What about her?

Diana was like a puppet in the hands of the puppeteer. From the day he chose her as Kayla’s
substitute, she was destined to be stuck in this situation and not be able to escape.

It was a shame she realized this too late.

Diana looked at the tray with a bloody object on it that Vans brought forward. She started crying

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