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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 127

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 127

There were pictures of her sleeping, eating, crying, and behaving in a spoiled manner. There were also
pictures of her pacing back and forth in a room with messy tangled hair.

Although Diana and Kayla looked alike, Diana could still recognize herself.

But why?

Why was Julian looking at her photos in front of Kayla?

Did he want to have the best of both worlds?

Or perhaps… Unlike the way he presented himself to Diana, he actually had feelings for her.

In fact, he might’ve actually been conflicted about getting a divorce.

But this wasn’t right. Grandma once said that Julian started developing feelings for Kayla at a very
young age. The thought of this suddenly made Diana feel a little curious about everything that had
happened to Julian during his childhood. According to what Grandma said, Julian’s feelings toward
Kayla had a close semblance to how someone suddenly discovered a ray of light in a deep, dark pit
and was unwilling to let go.

What about her feelings for Julian?

It was the same.

She met him when her life hit rock bottom. It was love at first sight.

Didn’t that mean Julian’s feelings for Kayla were also valid?

Diana was glad she wasn’t a complete fool. At the same time, she looked up at the rearview mirror in
the taxi and carefully studied her own face. She secretly told herself not to overthink. Perhaps Julian
only took those pictures to capture moments he wished Kayla had been around.

After all…

He admitted that he only thought of Diana as Kayla’s substitute for the past three years.

Now that Kayla was already by his side, he probably stared at those pictures on his phone to decide
when he would delete them. There was no reason to keep those pictures now that the person he truly
loved was with


Having been through so much, Diana’s conclusion was not to show Julian the side of her that still cared

about him.

Otherwise, she would be the one hurt in the end.

Diana slowly looked away from the face in the rearview mirror. She intentionally put on more makeup
around her eyes to get through the divorce proceedings with Julian today. She did this to make it more
obvious that she and Kayla were different.

But in Julian’s heart, it didn’t matter if Diana was by his side. At the end of the day, the person he
missed and cared about was Kayla.

Feeling a little bitter and hurt, Diana rolled down the window a little. At the same time, she closed the

on her phone. She wanted to stop thinking about how Julian looked at her photos.

After all, nobody else in the world knew better than she did that Julian wasn’t thinking about her.

In that case, she didn’t want to be swayed by this video. Otherwise, she would only get hurt again in
the end.

She only managed to stay strong because she knew she had her baby. She didn’t want to keep hurting


The thing she needed to do right now was to get divorced, once and for all.

Diana held her marriage certificate, identity card, and household register tightly in her hands. She then
slowly shifted her gaze to the Civil Affairs Bureau, that seemed closer than ever.

That was when she recalled the time they came to collect their marriage certificate three years ago.

In order to get it sooner, Julian even cleared out the venue and they didn’t have to line up. They could
go inside to have their blood samples collected before taking pictures and receiving the red booklet.

Even the crabapple tree in front of the door still looked the same.

It was still in full blossom.

Suddenly, Diana had mixed feelings. She slowly opened the red booklet. Out of the blue, it hit her: ever
since they got married, she was the only one who felt truly happy in this marriage.

In the picture on the marriage certificate, Julian wasn’t even smiling.

Diana, on the other hand, seemed to be completely oblivious to her surroundings. She was carried
away by the thought that she had met her prince charming. Her arms were wrapped around his, and

she stood on her tiptoes just to lean against his shoulder. She was smiling like a complete fool.

Indeed, she truly looked like a fool.

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