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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 126

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 126

Diana wasn’t expecting their divorce to be confirmed in such a way.

This time, not even divorce papers were involved. There also weren’t any verbal or legal discussions.

It seemed the two of them had reached the limit of their tolerance. They no longer wanted to see each
other, and they had become a couple who refused to say another word to one another. The only thing
on their mind was to get divorced as quickly as they could.

Julian… He really wanted to be with Kayla officially, didn’t he?

He must’ve been devastated to learn that Kayla’s vocal cords were destroyed.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed Kayla to move into his villa. He also wouldn’t have come all this
way to Grandma’s house, knowing there was a risk of her finding out, to decide on the time of divorce
with Diana.

Oddly enough, Diana didn’t lose sleep tonight. Instead, she had a peaceful sleep with her hands resting
on her stomach.

In fact, she even dreamed about playing with her grown–up child in places she had never been.

When she woke up the next day, she was still thinking about what happened. For the first time, she felt
that life could be wonderful without Julian. She had gotten used to living without him for the past week.

As long as he was out of sight, she wouldn’t miss him that much and she wouldn’t lose control over her


Once this day was over, this would become even more obvious. In the end, she needed to get used to
living alone. In fact, she probably wouldn’t be able to stay with Grandma much longer.

Before leaving the house, Diana checked that she had all the documents needed for the divorce. She
got into a taxi, a strange feeling brewing inside her.

That was when she received a call from L.

It was the manager. Diana thought something had happened, so she quickly picked up her phone. She
was soon informed that the surveillance system had been fixed. The manager asked Diana why she
hadn’t gone

to see the store to check on it.

Diana was briefly stunned. She had already forgotten about it.

After all, she already knew that the woman Julian was seeing was Kayla. Diana had even met Kayla,
and many things happened thereafter. At this point, Diana had already given up on Julian.

Hence, the surveillance footage didn’t matter at all anymore.

“It’s fine. I don’t want to see it anymore.” Diana rubbed her forehead. “I’ll head to the store to deal with
the handover procedure when I’m free in the next couple of days. This store will be returned to Julian
sooner or


Diana had no right to keep it.

Otherwise, Kayla would cause even more trouble if she found out.

At this point, Diana knew she had to avoid the woman. After all, Kayla was even capable of using
poison to

get her way.

However, the manager sounded hesitant. “I think you should see it.” Suddenly, she seemed to have
thought of an idea. “Why don’t I send the surveillance footage to you? You don’t have to come to the
store to see it.” Before Diana could refuse, she already received a notification that she had received an

Diana hung up before opening the email and playing the video.

The footage showed everything that happened the day she went to L.

Just as she thought, Kayla was the one who spotted her first. Kayla even bought the black–and–white
shirt before Diana could, but that wasn’t the point.

The point was…

The look in Julian’s eyes….

Although he was with Kayla, he clearly wasn’t paying attention to her.

On the contrary, he kept scrolling through the photo album on his phone.

In the photo album…

Diana took a screenshot of the scene and clicked to enlarge it. When she could clearly see what was in
Julian’s photo album, her hands trembled. Her phone fell out of her hands.

Why was he… Why was he looking at her?

She didn’t even know when he had taken those pictures of her.

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