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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 125

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 125

At the thought of Kayla’s ruined voice, Julian couldn’t help but sigh. His eyes became cold again.
“Make sure you treat Kayla with more respect the next time you see her. You hurt her, and you should
at least behave like you’re sorry for what you did for the rest of your life! If you can do that, I won’t ask
you to repay the money.”

At the end of the day, he still believed Diana was guilty for poisoning Kayla.

Diana was enraged by his words. Not only did she feel the urge to bite her own lips until they bled, but
her cheek was all puffed up.

For some unknown reason, this reminded Julian of a squirrel that would puff its cheeks. In fact, he
couldn’t resist smiling. This was the first time he had smiled all week long.

Noel, who was standing nearby, observed this in stunned silence.

Julian had been with Kayla, the love of his life, all week long, but he had never smiled once. Why was
he smiling when he saw Diana?!

Wasn’t this a bit odd…?

Julian didn’t even notice he was smiling. He also didn’t notice he was toying with Diana on purpose. In
fact, he tapped his fingers several times against the table. “If you insist on repaying the money, I could
extend the repayment period.”

It wasn’t 150,000 or 1,500,000, but it was fifteen million…

Knowing there was no way she could ask the Winnington family to help, Kayla understood it was
impossible for her to raise this much money during a short period of time.

Besides, she had already given up on her successes in designing.

She was now a newcomer who had yet to join the workforce. There was no reason to put herself in so
much. debt over uncertainties in the future.

Most importantly, she wanted the divorce with Julian to be over and done with before she became


If the fifteen million she owed him was brought up again in the future, she wouldn’t have to personally
show up to deal with it.


Julian didn’t seem like someone who would hold a grudge.

Also, Kayla was now in the picture. She would be eager to take over Diana’s position as Julian’s wife
after their divorce. Julian wouldn’t even be in the mood to think about Diana.

Suddenly, things Diana couldn’t come to terms with in the past now seemed to work in her favor.

“Forget it,” Diana said in the end. For the sake of her baby, she needed to sort this out as soon as
possible. Since you said I didn’t need to repay you, I hope you’ll remember what you said today.”

With that, she switched on her phone and replayed what Julian just said on the voice recorder. “This

recording will serve as proof.”

Julian didn’t think Diana would pull such a trick on him. He stared at her, his mouth wide open. He felt

tricked, and he immediately became calculative. “Well, are you able to live with your head hung low in
front of Kayla for the rest of your life? Will you apologize to Kayla and ask for her forgiveness?”

This was the condition Diana must meet to not repay him the money.

Diana’s facial expression changed a little. She couldn’t do it.

After all, she was never part of the poisoning plot. Kayla was the one who set the whole thing up and
acted it out on her own. Julian simply refused to believe it.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it. I want to divorce a woman like you as soon as possible. As long as
you agree to a single condition, you don’t have to repay me the money,” Julian said.

A woman like her?

What kind of woman was she?

Diana picked up on the sarcasm and disdain in his eyes. Feeling hot–headed, she immediately shot
back, ” Fine! I’ll agree to whatever condition it is you have, but just as you said, we must get divorced
as soon as possible!”

Was she eager?

What was there to be eager about?

After hearing what she said, Julian’s facial expression grew colder by the second. In fact, he didn’t
even look at Diana once when he left the house.

He only uttered a single sentence through his clenched jaw. “Fine. I’ll see you in front of the Civil Affairs
Bureau at nine o’clock tomorrow!”

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