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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 123

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 123Julian only wanted… He only wanted to ask
about their divorce.

Yes, that’s right.

He was going to see Diana to ask for an update on their divorce. After all, there was only a week left
until their actual divorce proceedings. Previously, they agreed to get divorced after a month.

Back in Grandma’s house.

Diana could smell an unusual scent from the food prepared for tonight’s dinner.

“Grandma, why are there so many dishes today? Are you expecting guests?” Diana asked.

Diana was becoming a picky eater as her baby grew inside her.

She couldn’t tolerate oily food and anything with a heavy scent. In fact, she would sometimes throw up
after smelling a certain type of food.

Fortunately, the dishes Grandma asked the kitchen staff to prepare recently had been to her liking.


“It’s Julian.” Grandma looked at her carefully. “He said he wanted to have a meal with me.”

After all, Julian was her grandson. It was only expected for him to want to have a meal with her.

Diana had no reason to refuse. However, she couldn’t help but feel dismayed when she recalled how

and Kayla walked into the gynecology department.

She honestly couldn’t bring herself to face him right now, let alone dine at the same table.

Hence, when it was time for dinner, Diana decided to stay in her room. “Grandma, I’m not hungry. You

go ahead without me.”

After someone knocked on her bedroom door several times, Diana finally went to open it. However, it
was Julian who appeared behind it. “Grandma’s worried about you.”

Julian had knocked on the door.

“Join us for dinner downstairs.”

His tone was irrefutable.

His gaze didn’t linger for a moment longer than necessary on Diana.

In fact, he turned around rather quickly. Diana didn’t even have the chance to refuse.

It looked like he was eager to avoid her.

Diana felt a dull thud in her chest. Seemingly triggered by her own fighting spirit, she followed him
down the stairs resolutely.

By then, Grandma was already halfway done with dinner. When she saw Diana coming down, she ate
even faster. As soon as Diana sat down, she put down her fork and spoon. “I’m done.”

After saying that, she asked a maid to bring Diana a bowl of bird’s nest. In fact, she placed all the
vegetables and food rich in protein close to Diana. “You have to eat well and look after yourself.”

Diana was speechless.

Whenever Grandma said ambiguous things like this, Diana would feel guilty and afraid. It felt like
Grandma had found out about her pregnancy. Diana had once asked Grandma why she said such
things. According to Grandma, she felt that Diana wasn’t treated well in the villa, which was why she
wanted to pamper Diana while they still lived together.

But now…

With Grandma saying something like that in front of Julian, Diana couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Indeed, Julian began looking Diana up and down.

To cover up her guilt, Diana had to give up on the idea of returning to her room. She picked up her fork
and spoon and began to eat. “Okay. Thanks, Grandma. I feel much better than before.”

Only then did Julian look downward.

The two of them remained silent throughout the meal.

It was as if things like feeding each other and looking at each other during meals never happened in
the past. In the end, Julian was the one who broke the silence. “I came to talk to you about the

Diana’s hands trembled a little. Her spoon touched the edge of her bowl and made a loud screeching

She made use of the sound to cover up the sadness in her voice. “I’m sorry, but I haven’t raised
enough money yet,” she said calmly.

Julian suddenly laughed.

However, it wasn’t the happy kind of laughter. Instead, it sounded wholly sarcastic. He stared at her the
way an eagle would at its prey. It looked as if he would burn a hole through her with his gaze. There
was a great sense of oppression from him.

“If you don’t want to get divorced, just be upfront about it,” he snapped sarcastically.

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