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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 124

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 124

His tone disgusted Diana. The repulsion was such that she couldn’t bring herself to even hold onto her

and spoon.

She stared coldly at Julian. “Do you need to be this self–obsessed?”

She never knew he had such a side to him in the past.

The two were about to start arguing again. Suddenly, Julian stood up and moved closer to her.

His face was inches away from her, and his facial features became very clear. She wanted to dodge,
but he locked her in place by placing his hands on hers. His pupils were as dark as an abyss. “You’re
getting braver and braver. Do you think Grandma can protect you forever?”

Diana never once thought it that way.


However, Julian wouldn’t change his impression of her. “Why else are you able to act so boldly while
still owe me money? Not long ago, you even swore you’d repay the money no matter what I said.”

Diana choked on her words and looked down in a defeated manner.

Back then… She was still confident about getting money from the Winningtons.

To her surprise, things went too far, and she was set up by the Winnington family instead. She was
lucky to have made it out of the birthday party alive.

Now that Julian asked her about it, she certainly did feel a little guilty. After all, he was stating a hard

The tone of the light in the dining room was on the white side, and it made Diana’s facial expressions
impossible to conceal. Julian could see her eyelashes fluttering. Suddenly, he felt a sense of joy, as if
he was toying with his prey. He couldn’t resist grinning.

“At the end of the day, you’re just trying to stall our divorce by using the repayment as an excuse,” he


Otherwise, why hadn’t he followed through with the divorce?

He was so close to her, yet she found his face absolutely hateful.

Why did he always get the final say in every matter?

Yet, his eyes… The deep look in his eyes that was impossible to ignore. Even if he wasn’t staring at
you, you’d still feel your heart pounding.

They hadn’t seen each other for a week…

If this was in the past, being so close to her after such a long time would’ve inspired ‘impure thoughts‘
in his


At this moment, his breathing felt normal against her neck. Diana stared at it, suddenly feeling her
mouth go dry. She felt like a mouse that had its tail stepped on by a cat. She quickly sat upright in her

seat. “You were the one who forced me to repay you the money, Julian Fulcher! Can I also say that you
came up with the excuse to stall the divorce?!”

This time, Julian was in no hurry to respond.

Diana’s words struck a chord within his heart. It was a part of him that he’d refused to acknowledge all


Back then, if he had signed on the divorce paper Diana already signed, they would’ve had nothing to
do with

each other.

Things wouldn’t have gotten this far, and Kayla’s throat wouldn’t have gotten injured by Diana.

As such, Julian gave a specific order saying that none of the Winningtons was allowed to give Diana a


It was the only way to cut off all connections between Diana and the Winningtons, and it was the only
way to protect Kayla.

Now that Diana was living with Grandma, he couldn’t do anything to her. All he could do was protect
Kayla and do his best to prevent Kayla from having anything to do with Diana. He wanted to make sure
Diana couldn’t hurt Kayla.

Diana’s jealousy toward Kayla…

It had far exceeded what he initially imagined.

Did she love him too much?

Perhaps that was why she couldn’t control herself.

After all, as far as Julian was aware, Diana wouldn’t be cruel enough to poison Kayla.

She must be blinded by her strong feelings for him.

If only he had chosen not to marry Diana! None of these terrible things would’ve happened to Kayla


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