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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

Kayla’s intrusive question involved the confidentiality of patient records.

And so, the doctor said evasively, “I don’t remember.”

She had to see close to a hundred patients each day. How could she possibly remember all their
circumstances? The only way to do that was to go through the patient’s medical history.

“In that case, check on it,” Kayla pressed. “I’m sure there are records of her previous visits!”

Although the doctor was against such behavior, she couldn’t convince Kayla otherwise and she didn’t
dare to offend Kayla. “Sure. Please wait for a moment,” she replied after some thought.

Soon, the doctor found the medical record of Diana’s previous visit on the computer.

“She was having early…” The doctor began speaking.

“Dr. Liu!” Someone suddenly barged into the consultation room. It was none other than Vans.

The first thing he did was to switch off the computer. He then shot a furious glare at Dr. Liu. “What are
you doing? Are you actually revealing a patient’s private information?!”

Dr. Liu knew Vans was not someone she ought to mess with. She immediately appeared troubled. “I…

She couldn’t find the words to say.

When Kayla saw Vans, she became even more enthusiastic. “Vans, why are you here? Did Julian send
you to check on me because he’s worried about me?”

The more Vans spent time with Diana, the more he felt that she and Kayla were actually very easy to
differentiate in terms of their appearances.

The two had completely different personalities and vibes.

Vans had no idea how Julian, always smart and perceptive, got the two mixed up.

“Yeah.” Vans didn’t deny the claim. “Julian was worried about you. He kept asking me to come over.”

Otherwise, Vans would still have been stuck with another patient. Diana’s pregnancy was nearly

It was a close call.

After hearing what Vans said, Kayla imagined how Julian looked when he worried about her. She
couldn’t help but feel much happier. However, she felt a little gloomy when she turned around and saw
that the computer’s screen was black. “Dr. Liu, what about the patient’s record I asked about just now?”

“There are rules in the hospital. Patients do not have the right to ask about another patient’s private
information,” Vans said in a professional tone. “If you really want to know, you can ask Julian to
investigate it for you. Please don’t make things difficult for my colleague.”

What if Diana really was pregnant?

It was too big a risk for Kayla to take.

“It’s fine. I was just a little curious when I saw my sister’s name. Vans, sweetie, you don’t have to

Chapter 122


this to Julian,” Kayla said.

Vans had no idea when they were on such good terms, to the point she was daring enough to address
him as ‘ sweetie‘.

He could clearly recall he had never been friendly to Kayla, because she was always vain and
pretentious. Vans could never forget how spitefully she looked at him before she found out about his
family background and his relationship with Julian.

Now, however, she was calling him ‘sweetie‘ as if they were good friends.

‘Heh. How interesting.‘

Vans nodded. “Okay. I won’t bring it up.”

Vans promised Nina that he would keep Diana’s pregnancy a secret. Thus, he would make sure to
uphold that promise.

Kayla felt relieved. However, she then recalled how she found out Nina’s relationship with Vans when
she was investigating Diana. On top of that, Vans was in such a hurry to switch off the computer earlier.
All these thoughts made Kayla feel even more curious about Diana’s medical record.

Could Diana really be pregnant?

Did Julian know about it?

Was their divorce dragging on because of this?

Kayla’s heart pounded at the thought of this possibility. However, with Vans around, it was impossible
for her to pry for any further information from Dr. Liu. In the end, she made an excuse about her period

symptoms before leaving the hospital with Julian.

This was when Grandma’s message came in.

“If you want to ask about how she’s doing, you can come and see for yourself. Come for dinner

Julian had been anxious throughout the day. He fell silent when he read the text.

He didn’t want to ask about how Diana was doing, and he didn’t want to personally see her!

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