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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 112

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 112

“I–It’s the truth!” Lyra was terrified and blabbered everything that came to mind, never considering the
consequences. “Kayla said she found it at the lakeside, so you may have mistaken it!”

Displeasure colored Julian’s face instantly. “She found it?”

He distinctly remembered Kayla saying that Luke had kidnapped both her and Diana. If that was truly
the case, how could she have had time to find these earrings?

There was only one possibility…

Kayla had lied to him.

In other words, it meant that Diana hadn’t lied to him about the kidnapping incident. The two of them
had been brought to the factory one after the other; the difference was, Diana had been forced there
while Kayla had

gone there on her own. Kayla never thought of calling the police the first chance she got, because
recording the video of Diana’s humiliation was her priority.

Julian couldn’t put to words the feeling coursing through him at the moment. It was impossible for
anyone around him to read his deep, dark eyes.

Seeing how quiet the man had become, Madam Fulcher pushed him out of the way unceremoniously
and took Diana to wash her hands before leaving the hospital.

This time, Julian didn’t stop them.

But Diana, who had finally managed to leave the hospital, wasn’t as happy as she should be. She
instead looked at the earring in Madam Fulcher’s hand, lost in thought.

She understood that Julian had allowed her to leave because he realized the lies Kayla had told him
after seeing the earrings. However, he still didn’t expose Kayla. It didn’t look like he would get angry at


If it was Diana who had done it, she was sure Julian would have been furious enough to blow off a

Now, it was clear that his favoritism was far beyond the world’s reach.

Madam Fulcher saw Diana lost in thought and knew she was feeling down, so she didn’t ask any
questions. The older woman simply told the driver to buy a bottle of safflower oil from a store so she
could apply it to Diana’s knees to prevent bruising and swelling-

Once Diana saw the name and effect of the medicine, she immediately got nervous.

“Grandma, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”

The effect of safflower oil was to promote blood circulation and remove blood clots. If a pregnant
woman used it, it might deform the fetus or even cause a miscarriage.

With how insistent Diana was not to apply the oil, it was obvious there was something more to it.
Madam Fulcher was not a fool.

She immediately adopted a serious look and asked tentatively, “Diana, be honest with me. Are you

When Julian returned to the ward, Kate and Lucy were feeding Kayla a glass of water. Kayla couldn’t
take big gulps at the moment, and could only dab her lips on the cup rim to wet her lips. Her pitiful
moves and pale face painted a heartbreaking picture.

The question of whether Diana was really involved in today’s incident died on Julian’s lips when he saw
Kayla in such a state. He remained silent instead.

No one would joke around with their life and vocal cords, after all.

After Diana left with his grandmother, he approached Oliver to confirm that Kayla’s throat had indeed
been severely damaged.

As for the earrings…

Well, let bygones be bygones, right?

Right now, he had to find a way to heal Kayla’s throat first.

When Kate saw him coming, she immediately vacated her seat for him. “Mr. Fulcher, is Diana still
kneeling outside?”

“No. My grandmother took her away,” he replied, the exhaustion in his eyes clear for everyone to see.
He gently waved his hand to dismiss them as he took over to feed Kayla water.

When Kate and Lucy heard that, both of them immediately straightened up, wanting to argue their
case, but didn’t dare do so after seeing Julian’s gestures. They simply retreated and left the two alone
in the ward.

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