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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 121

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 121

Diana noticed that Nina was even more excited than her, and the feeling rubbed off on her. “I’m fine. I’ll

come with you to scan the QR code for the appointment.”

However, as soon as they arrived in front of the machine, they saw Julian and Kayla walking toward the

department of gynecology.

Julian held Kayla’s hand carefully, and was looking at her with great gentleness.

Diana suddenly felt an uncontrollable pain in her chest.

She clearly told herself not to care.

But as she thought about how she was pregnant with their baby, she realized Julian had never once
accompanied her to a pregnancy checkup. In fact, it would never happen again in this lifetime. There
was an

indescribable sense of bitterness in her chest.

Diana looked away. She didn’t want to see them at all.

Even so, she still felt too panicked to move. In fact, she subconsciously covered her stomach with her
hands. ” Nina, let’s go.”


However, Kayla had already seen them.

Kayla had followed Nina here just to try her luck. She didn’t expect to actually bump into Diana.

Now that she saw Diana, she had to put on a good performance!

Kayla smiled deviously, and leaned even closer against Julian.


Kayla thought about how Diana covered her stomach… What was Diana checking at the gynecology

Was it her period? Maybe a stomachache? Or was she…pregnant?!

Kayla was horrified by this assumption. Immediately, her face turned sour.

By then, Julian had just finished sorting out the registration. When he looked at Kayla, he couldn’t resist
placing his hand on her forehead. “Is it that bad? You look awful.”

Although Diana stood in the corner where they couldn’t see her, she could see their every single move

They were so…intimate.

In fact, they even came to the gynecology department together.

Needless to say, the two had already slept with each other this week.

They probably did it in her old room!

“Ugh.” The thought of those two being intimate with each other left Diana disgusted. She quickly pulled
Nina aside. “Anyway, we’ve already received the B–Ultrasound report, and we know what to take note
of. Let’s leave the questions to Vans. We should leave.”

Nina agreed. “Yeah. Julian has a keen eye, and Kayla’s a vile schemer. We need to stay away from

She thoughtfully retrieved a bottle of sour plum juice. “Drink some of this. It’ll relieve the

While talking, the two of them began to make their way out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Kayla was already in the chief physician’s consultation room.

She wasn’t feeling unwell to begin with. The only reason she came to the gynecology department was
to see Nina, and now, she felt insecure. As such, she spoke to the doctor in an absent–minded manner.
Her gaze kept darting around.


Kayla stared blatantly at the computer screen. “Doctor! Is Diana your patient too?”

The screen only showed Diana’s name and the time of her first visit. It had yet to show the time of her
follow- up visit. Hence, the details of her health condition were not on display.

The doctor wasn’t particularly pleased with Kayla’s attitude, but considering the fact that the director
personally called to make this appointment, he remained polite. “Yes. Any name that comes up on my
computer screen is my patient.”

Kayla’s eyes lit up. She pressed both palms against the desk and shouted at the top of her lungs,
“What’s wrong with her? Is she suffering from early symptoms of pregnancy?“

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