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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

“Holy sh*t!” Nina was unable to hold back from cursing. “So James is planning to use that contract so
that you’d owe the Winningtons thirteen million instead?”

“I think that’s his plan,” Diana said, exasperated. “He kept going on and on about how he wanted
justice for himself and Kayla, but essentially…”

James had simply never seen Diana as his daughter.

It seemed the Winningtons would do anything to keep Kayla happy.

“That’s weird,” Nina said as she pondered over the flawed logic of the story. “No matter how angry
James is, he should know that you want the money to pay Julian so that you can divorce him. Isn’t that
exactly what the Winningtons want? But now that they’re not giving you the money, then…”

“I don’t know.” Diana shook her head. “Perhaps he thought I was being too outrageous when I said all
those things. There’s also Kayla’s throat…”

Before Diana could finish, she spotted a luxury car stop at the hospital’s entrance.

It was a sleek, black Rolls Royce; one of Julian’s cars.

Suddenly conscious of which department they were in, Diana immediately turned around nervously.
“Nina! Julian and Kayla are here!”

Nina was startled by the sudden exclamation, and all thoughts about why the Winnington family
refused to give Diana the money flew out the window. She followed closely behind Diana and ducked
behind a tree, only emerging once they saw Julian and Kayla entering the surgical department before
they made their way carefully back to the gynecology department.

“If Julian’s here, staying in Vans’s office isn’t safe either,” Diana said. “Let’s just wait here for a bit. If
Julian goes to meet Vans and we run into him…”

If Julian noticed anything, it would be a problem.

Nina agreed without hesitation. “Okay. I’ll send Vans a text to explain things so he won’t panic if he
doesn’t see us in his office.”

Strangely enough, Vans never replied. Even when it was Diana’s turn to enter the ultrasound room, he
never appeared.

Fearing that he might be in trouble, Nina rushed to Vans’s office to check on him. Meanwhile, Diana
stayed in the ultrasound room.

However, Vans never returned to his office.

It didn’t look like Julian had come looking for him, either.

Without any other leads, Nina could only return to the waiting area at the gynecology department. Once
Diana was done with her ultrasound, she would try and contact Vans one more time before they leave.

After Kayla had her checkup, she and Julian were supposed to leave the hospital. However, Julian
wanted to

talk to Vans about a famous surgeon he hadn’t been able to contact all week. With that, they went to


Instead of Vans, they noticed Nina sneaking out of his office toward the gynecology department.

An idea came to Kayla almost instantly. “Julian, my period is irregular, so I’d like to see a gynecologist.
Could you go with me?”

Nina and Diana were like two peas in a pod; they were inseparable. Since Nina was at the hospital, it
would mean that Diana was nearby, right?

Julian was staring quietly at Nina’s retreating back, not realizing there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.
When he heard Kayla’s words, he replied without hesitation, “If you feel any discomfort next time, you
should tell me earlier.”

As he spoke, he gently ushered Kayla toward the gynecology department.

Diana had just exited the ultrasound room when Nina returned.

“How was it?” Nina asked anxiously. “Is the baby okay?”

Diana nodded excitedly. “Yes, everything’s fine. The ultrasound shows the fetus’s development, which
is now close to twelve weeks. So far, everything’s good. I’ll need to consult the chief physician for any
other precautions.”

After saying that, Diana looked around before asking, “Has Vans shown himself?”

“No,” Nina replied with a sigh. “I just went to his office to check, but there’s no one there. I’m afraid he
won’t be able to come with us to see the chief physician.”

“That’s fine,” Diana said with a smile. “Anyway, the baby is healthy. I can hear its strong heartbeat!”

Nine couldn’t help but relax at that. Noticing that there was now an empty seat near them, she guided
Diana to it. “That’s great! I’ll get a number to see the chief physician. Just sit here and rest while I do
that, okay?“

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