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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 119

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 119

“I’ll feel weird if I hear my pseudonym. It’s as if I was still tethered to Julian. It’ll be quite ironic, and I
don’t like the feeling at all.”

“But… Everyone in the design industry probably wished they were D, yet you’re giving it up so easily…”
Nina said, though she was nodding along to Diana’s logic. “Hearing how you suddenly want to give it
up, it’ll be a lie to say I don’t find it a pity. But when I first saw this dress, I felt that you’ll definitely
become something big again, whether you start from scratch or not.”

The dress was simply stunning, and it was impossible not to see it in any other way.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the design would beat everything else that was available on
the market.

Diana smiled brightly. Nina’s encouragement raised her excitement concerning her future prospects.
Actually, I want to give this dress to Fanny, Oliver’s girlfriend.”

When Diana and Nina arrived at the central hospital the following day, they found that the gynecology
department was filled with people.

After taking a number, they couldn’t find a place to sit. Before they could think about what to do next,
Vans called them into his office.

“I asked my colleague for Diana’s number, and saw that there were more than a dozen people before it
was her turn. You guys can rest here for now.”

Vans needed to make his rounds and check on some patients who had recently undergone surgery, so
he said, “I’ll be back before you get into the ultrasound room. The doctor will definitely be more careful
with one of them in the room.”

Diana nodded at his reassurance. “Okay.”

After a short time of waiting in the office, Nina could tell that Diana was in low spirits, and that she didn’t
want to stay here for much longer. “Diana, why don’t we head out and wait instead?”

The weather was good today. There was no summer heat or winter chill, and the sun shone brightly on
the wonderful autumn day.

Diana had suffered through some humiliation at James’s hand this morning, and getting some air
sounded like a great idea.


With that said, the two friends headed out.

“So, what does James want now?” Nina couldn’t resist asking Diana about what had happened when
she went to the Winnington residence this morning to ask for the money. “You said you mentioned
Lucy, Kayla’s origin and all, right? And he wasn’t flustered in the slightest?”

“Not only that, but he even threw stuff at me and yelled at me. He called me ridiculous,” Diana said,
feeling the exhaustion creep back into her bones as she thought of what had happened that morning. “I

doubted myself for a moment.”

If Lucy really did give birth to Kayla after having an affair with James, how could Kate not know
anything about it in all these years?

According to the Winninton family, Kayla had been adopted. But with that logic, how could she look so
similar to James?

Plus, it wasn’t just a slight resemblance!

Diana couldn’t figure out how Kayla could look like James so much if she wasn’t related to him by

“People do say that pregnant women tend to overthink,” Nina said with a sigh. “You shouldn’t be so
concerned about Kayla’s origins. Kate hasn’t once asked about you since the incident, so why bother?”

“It’s not really about her…” Diana wondered if she really looked like someone with a saintly heart.

If Kate really loved her, she definitely would have been worried. However…

Diana had already seen with her own eyes that Kate would remain firmly on Kayla’s side whenever
anything happened, so there was no need to care so much about Kate.

“I just think that things may not have been that simple when I went missing.”

Diana was trying to figure this out, and wondered if Kayla might be the key to this matter. It was why
she took the chance and tried to pry the truth out of James under the guise of asking him for the

She hadn’t expected James to deny it so vehemently and firmly.

He even added that because of Diana’s nonsense and the hurt she had caused by deliberately
poisoning Kayla, he wouldn’t give Diana a single penny.

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