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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 117

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 117

Regarding the poisoning incident, Julian had no reason to suspect Kayla of making such a big show
just to

hurt herself and frame Diana..

Mr. Carter nodded, not daring to bring it up again, and instead reminded Julian of another matter.
“You’ll have to take Miss Winnington to the hospital for a check–up tomorrow, so please rest early.”

Julian nodded, but he couldn’t find sleep so easily that night.

Kayla was just next door, but he had never shared a bed with her. The thought of doing so hadn’t
crossed his mind either, even more so after he had sent that text to his grandmother about Diana. He
repeatedly turned his phone on and off, but Madam Fulcher never replied,

Finally, he decided to go for a walk. He couldn’t keep thinking about Diana.

His actions gave him a bad feeling, but he pressed on. Just as he moved to leave the room, he
bumped into Kayla, who was also heading downstairs.

She was dressed in nightclothes, and he could see her exposed ankles. He immediately rebuked her.
“Where are you going? Don’t you know it’s cold outside?”

With that, he was about to shove her back in the room when she interrupted him, “Julian…”

It would take more time before she could speak comfortably.

“Shall we take a walk?”

His phone remained silent.

Glancing at Kayla’s face, he thought about it for a while before finally nodding.

“I’d like to leave,” Kayla said after only a few steps. “I don’t have anything here, and staying here like
this isn’t a good idea.”

She fiddled with her fingers, seemingly having thought long and hard before making her decision.

“What do you mean, you don’t have anything?” Julian said. “I’ll be divorcing Diana soon, so you can
stay here with peace of mind.”

“But when will that happen?”

Though she hadn’t managed to put an end to Diana as she wanted to with this poisoning, and even
severely damaged her vocal cords from it, Kayla thought she had still won this round when she saw
how Julian made. Diana kneel for her. He was even willing to go against his grandmother and let Kayla
stay in his villa.

However, she didn’t expect…

That Julian wouldn’t even share a room with her, much less enter her room regularly. The only thing he
did was to bring doctors in.

All the lingerie she had carefully prepared was in vain!

He also said he would punish Diana for her. A week had passed, and still there was no news about it!

If this incident couldn’t benefit Kayla, then what was the point of making such a big sacrifice? She

that she needed to ask for something she wanted.

Kayla saw how hesitant Julian was about the question, and how his eyes narrowed as sharp as blades
in the night. She immediately lowered her head and said, “I’m not forcing you to…”

“I know,” Julian said, stroking her head. “It’s my fault. When I return from the hospital with you
tomorrow, I’ll head over to the old mansion and bring it up with Diana.”

Kayla forced down her excitement and said meekly, “Okay… But what will you do if Grandma objects to

“We won’t be telling her about it.”

Which meant that as long as he wanted it, the divorce would happen.

Kayla relaxed at his words. “Thank you, Julian. You work so hard to be with me, but I also want to do
something for you.”

Julian could tell she wanted to say something, so he asked, “Like what?”

“Well, I actually picked up a specialty while I was abroad for three years, and it’s designing,” Kayla said,
looking up at him. “I want to enter the clothing design industry and become well–known. That way, I’ll
still have something to show when everyone knows about us.”

She spoke as if their future together was already set in stone.

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