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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 116

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 116

When Diana first learned she was simply a substitute for Kayla, the first person she directed her anger
at was


Later on, however…

Diana sighed. “I know you had good intentions. You were always doing things for my sake.”

Had Diana been in Nina’s shoes, she would have done the same and prioritized her friend’s health
rather than rashly told her the truth. Besides, Nina had been so anxious about it to the point of passing
out from sheer agitation.

If they were talking about apologies, Diana should be giving one to Nina; in the end, she was the one
who was always worrying and burdening Nina.

It was a good thing they were friends; best friends, in fact!

Diana smiled. “Don’t worry about it anymore, Nina. I’ll be relying on you to help me raise my baby in the
future, you know?”

She was filled with confidence and continued, “Once I sort out the money with James tomorrow, you’ll
have to accompany me to the hospital for my check–up.”

Having gone through the incident in the abandoned plant last week, there was no harm in going for a
check- up and making sure that nothing was wrong.

“Sure!” Nina nodded. “But in case you can’t get the money, then your marriage with Julian…”

“It won’t go on for long,” Diana interrupted. “I just don’t want to owe him anything after the divorce,
which is why I insisted on paying him back.”

“What about the baby?” Nina asked. “Will you really not tell him?”

“If he found out… It’ll be difficult to keep my baby safe,” Diana confessed honestly. “I don’t hold out any
hope for him anymore, so I still need to keep my pregnancy under wraps.”

Nina nodded in understanding. “What’s your plan after the divorce?”

That was a question that brought her back to reality. After Diana divorced, she couldn’t stay and be
provided for by the Fulcher family anymore. She would need to earn money for her daily expenses, and
later the costs

of raising a child, and so on…

Nina could help, but she would only be able to cover some things.

Diana became depressed when the topic was brought up, but her eyes lit up suddenly and she got out
of bed. She went to her closet, pulled a dress out, and twirled around to show it off to Nina.

“Look at this dress. What do you think?”

Nina was stunned as she took in the beautiful design. It looked like a fairy–tale dress!

“It feels like the dress has a soul of its own… The details on it are just too beautiful and out of the

As Nina complimented the dress, she suddenly seemed to think of something and snapped her head.

up in

shock. “Are… Are you planning to return to designing?”

For a week, Julian called various doctors from all over to his villa. However, none of them could
guarantee that Kayla’s throat and vocal cords could be cured.

Her voice was harsh on the ears when she spoke, and she was often crying behind Julian’s back. He
tried to comfort her several times, but he never knew how to start.

Sometimes, he even…

When he saw Kayla crying in the bedroom, Diana’s aggrieved look would sometimes float into his

The room was clearly free of Diana’s influence or traces, but he could feel her everywhere.

Was it because of the earrings that his trust in Kayla was broken?

He must be out of his mind!

Julian looked at the text he had just sent his grandmother, and felt a pang of annoyance in his heart.
Why would he ask the older woman how Diana was doing right now?!

When Mr. Carter saw his distracted look, he couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, do you want to investigate the
poisoning thoroughly? What Madam Diana said at the hospital was not without reason. I’m sure we can
start from the wine glass…”

“No need for that,” Julian said, cutting the older man off as he switched off his phone absentmindedly. “I
believe Kayla.”

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