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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 115

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 115

When Diana woke up, she was already at the old mansion.

Since she got pregnant, her motion sickness had worsened. Even though she had gotten off the
vehicle, the dizziness was still present. Placing her hand on the car to steady herself, she lost the battle
with the queasy feeling in her stomach and stumbled to the side of the road to throw up.

When Madam Fulcher saw this, she didn’t approach Diana for a few moments. She took out her phone
to secretly record the scene of Diana vomiting before quickly calling for someone to get a glass of
water for Diana to rinse her mouth with.

“She must have motion sickness after sleeping in the car for so long. I can’t imagine how exhausted
she must’ve been for the past two days!”

With so many things that had happened, it was inevitable that her mood would be low. When her
emotions were down, all her bodily functions would also be poor. Seeing how torturous it was for Diana
to throw up so hard, Madam Fulcher made up her mind. “I’ll nurse you back to health before you can go

Saying that, she hurriedly called the chef and asked them to prepare some things.

Diana knew that she desperately needed nutrition at this point, so she didn’t protest. When the time to
eat came, she carefully recalled if she had revealed anything because the meal her grandmother had
asked to be prepared was surprisingly similar to the meals recommended by the hospital.

All the dishes were high in protein and fiber and favorable to the development of the fetus, such as
estrogen and soy foods. Coupled with the medicine she was now taking to protect her unborn child, the
effect in maintaining both the mother’s and child’s health would be top–notch.

Madam Fulcher saw that Diana had not moved to eat. “Are the dishes not to your liking?”

“No, that’s not it,” Diana said, unsure of what the older woman was implying. After confirming that she
had done nothing to reveal that she was pregnant, she happily said, “I just think the dishes today are a
little different than usual.”

None of the dishes were greasy or fishy.

“I’m getting old,” Madam Fulcher said with a smile. “Our appetite changes with age, doesn’t it?”

When Diana heard this, she felt that Madam Fulcher hadn’t noticed her pregnancy, which immediately
put her mind at ease. “Yes, it does. It’s a nice coincidence that I enjoy these dishes too.”

After the women had eaten and drank their fill, Madam Fulcher smiled mysteriously and snapped her
fingers at the maid standing outside. Diana looked up in puzzlement and immediately straightened up
in shock when she saw what was before her.

“G–Grandma!” Diana stuttered. “Why have you brought so many clothes here?!”

Racks upon racks of clothes of various brands‘ latest models were pushed into the room, spanning
from the dining room to the entrance. It was a shockingly long line.

Diana couldn’t see the end of it, even if she stood on her tiptoes.

“Let’s forget about your things back at the villa. I’ve brought everything you need. Clothes, cosmetics,
and so

on. Pick anything you like to keep.”

Diana was speechless. Madam Fulcher was the real deal!

In the following week, Diana didn’t leave the old mansion and stayed indoors to recuperate. Nina had
been worried about Diana’s health from the day she had woken up at the hospital, and finally went
straight to the old mansion to visit Diana.

The two of them spoke for a long time. Diana didn’t feel like bringing up Kayla’s attempt at poisoning
her and the fact that she was just a substitute.

“I’m just disappointed in Julian,” Diana said calmly. “Since there’s only a week left before our divorce, I
have to meet James at his workplace to get the money.”

“Well, I fully support your divorce,” Nina said determinedly. Then, she reached out like a pitiful, kicked
puppy and squeezed Diana’s shoulders. “As for Kayla… Don’t be angry with me, okay? I was worried
you wouldn’t be able to endure it after finding out.”

“I know,” Diana said, rolling her eyes and throwing a pillow at Nina. “I really hated you when I first saw
Kayla, you know? I didn’t want to believe that my own best friend kept me in the dark like a fool and let
me believe that Julian loved me deeply. I even accused that woman of being a mistress!”

But according to the chronological order of events, it turned out that Diana was the one who had
interfered in Julian and Kayla’s relationship.

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