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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 114

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 114

“Diana,” Grandma started again as she put down the safflower oil and faced Diana. She proceeded to
tell Diana about how Julian and Kayla were acquainted.

“And that’s what happened. She saved Julian’s life, and he took this matter very seriously. That child…
He suffered a lot when he was younger.”

Diana didn’t expect there would be such a backstory behind their history. But what a strange
coincidence! She had also risked her life to save a little boy in a cave when she was a child. However,
the boy disappeared the next day without even leaving a message for her.

On the other hand, Kayla met Julian, who was now devoted to her because she had rescued him.

The two had similar looks, but their fates were very different.

After mulling over the words, Diana said, “Was it hard for Julian when he was a child?”

“Yes.” There were many things Madam Fulcher couldn’t bear to mention again. “His parents died early,
and my husband’s health also deteriorated at the same time. The Fulcher family urgently needed an
heir to hold up their legacy, and as Julian was the only candidate left, he had to grow up quickly. My
husband, he…”

Madam Fulcher got slightly choked up here. Although curious, Diana couldn’t bear for the older woman
to dredge up painful memories. “It’s in the past, Grandma. Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

Madam Fulcher nodded and wiped her tears. “Diana, you could ask him about the things he’s never
told others about his past in person if you have the chance. I always feel that those experiences early
on hurt him so much, which was why he valued the child who saved him in the past. He may see her as
the only warmth he has in this world.”

Does that mean it wasn’t necessarily love that Julian felt toward Kayla?

Wake up already!

Diana couldn’t help but mentally slap herself when the thought crossed her mind. Even if Julian didn’t
love Kayla that way, his feelings for Kayla were a hundred times stronger than his feelings for Diana.
Had it not been for Madam Fulcher, Diana would still be kneeling in the hospital. Julian probably still
wouldn’t be merciful even if something had happened to Diana for kneeling too long, and feel that it
would’ve saved him the effort to abort their child…

Besides, she would divorce him soon. She had no right to interfere with his past and feelings anymore.

However, the money…

Because of the poisoning instigated by none other than Kayla, it had delayed Diana from getting the

She was now at a loss. Her debt was more than twelve million dollars! Where else could she get the
balance to settle it? Thinking about it, Diana knew she would have to see James in person. Either way,
she had grasped his weakness by attending this birthday banquet. She only needed to confirm if her
guesses about Kayla’s origin was true. If it were, then she likely would get the money soon.

As for the contract they had made her sign… Well, the contract was just an afterthought. After all, they
had done it to ensure that Diana and Kayla would meet without fail. They wanted Diana to realize on
her own that she was simply a stand–in for Kayla.

However, Diana didn’t understand why they would be ruthless enough to try to kill her with poison. She
didn’t want to think about how Kate may have been involved, so she put those thoughts aside.

Diana looked down to see the earrings in Madam Fulcher’s hand. She leaned her head against the
older woman’s shoulder, closing her eyes in exhaustion.

Madam Fulcher didn’t wake Diana throughout the entire journey to the villa. Even when they arrived at
the villa, Madam Fulcher was the one to get out of the car to see Mr. Carter and told him to pack
Diana’s luggage.

When she saw that the bedroom had long since been cleared out, and there was not a single trace of
Diana’s life here, she was enraged.

“He’s been so impatient about bringing that woman back here, hasn’t he?!”

Madam Fulcher decided right then that she would use her own methods to avenge Diana, once and for

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