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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 113

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 113

“Kayla,” Julian started once the door closed behind the two older women. “Have you ever lied to me?”

Kayla’s hands, which were hidden under the covers, tightened immediately. She couldn’t stop her
brows from furrowing as she endured the pain in her throat and asked, “Julian… What’s wrong?”

What the hell did Diana and that blasted old lady say to him?!

Why did Julian leave the room and return as if he had turned into a different person? He even let Diana
leave the hospital!

However, Julian didn’t let her change the topic and insisted, “Have you ever lied to me?”

Kayla’s heart thumped wildly in her chest. In fact, she had lied a lot!

Even from the first day Julian saw her, she had been impersonating Diana to claim that she was
Julian’s savior. She had also lied about being kidnapped by Luke, and how she came to damage her
vocal cords today. She had lied about everything that involved Diana!

But she couldn’t tell Julian any of that. The moment she confessed, things between them would come
to an immediate end.

Julian was perceptive, and she couldn’t avoid answering him, or it would only give rise to more doubt.
Kayla thought hard about it, then mustered up the courage to say, “Yes, I lied to you.”

Her voice was hoarse, and every word she spoke sounded like glass scratching on a blackboard. “I
wanted you to look at me more, so I pretended to be sensible and lied about how I didn’t care that my
sister was your wife. Even the fact that I’m not having a hard time because you can’t divorce yet.

Julian… I lied because I love you too much… When I was abroad during those three years, I was afraid
of losing you every single day, and I…”

Every single word Kayla uttered seemed to give her great pain. She spoke as if she were enduring
terrible torture, and she was speaking so much.

Julian finally placed a finger on her lips and said gently, “Stop. I understand.”

The heavy feeling in Kayla’s chest finally eased. She gripped Julian’s hand, turning her face to lean into
it. Thank you for understanding me, Julian. I’m aware of the position you’re in. You don’t have to feel
guilty that Grandma took Diana away. If my sister had a conscience, she would still apologize to me
one day. without being forced to kneel. As for your divorce, I…”

“If you keep on forcing yourself to talk like this,” Julian said, pulling his hand back and continuing to
feed her water, “I’ll get angry.”

Meanwhile, in the car, Diana was shocked by Madam Fulcher’s question. She didn’t know what clues
the older woman had picked up on, but at this moment, she was asking a question that made Diana
feel the guiltiest.

Should she just take this chance to admit it to Grandma?

Diana thought about how overjoyed the old lady would be to know that she would have a great–

soon. However, she was also afraid Julian would find out and do whatever he could to get rid of the

He had stated he wouldn’t allow anyone but Kayla to get pregnant with his child.

Thinking of this cruel possibility, Diana decided she still needed to hide her pregnancy. Before she
could think of an excuse, Madam Fulcher suddenly said, “No, that can’t be. It’s been such a short time
since your last visit to the old mansion, so you wouldn’t have found out so quickly either. I must be
confused in my old age, especially since I want a great–grandchild very much.”

She turned off the calendar on her phone and said wistfully, “It’s just that the label on this bottle says
that pregnant women should use it with caution, so I simply…”

Ah, so that was it.

Diana let out a sigh of relief and said, “Grandma, I…”

“It’s fine, I know,” Madam Fulcher said, holding Diana’s hand. She sighed. “I know it’s hard on you to
see how Julian acted today.”

As an elderly person, wanting Diana to have a child to benefit the marriage was one thing. Wanting to
meet her little great–grandchild was another.

It truly was a pity.

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