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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 111

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 111

Madam Fulcher choked at Julian’s words, and her face reddened with anger. “What did you say?
You’re taking Kayla to your villa?!”

Julian even wanted to tell Madam Fulcher that he was going to marry Kayla, but upon recalling Diana’s

condition for divorce, he bit back the words.

“Yes. It’ll be convenient for me to care for her personally.”

“You must be out of your mind! If you take Kayla home, then where will Diana stay?!” Madam Fulcher
slammed her cane on the floor, then shot Diana an apologetic look. “Diana, I should apologize to you. I
knew why Julian wanted to marry you three years ago, but I didn’t stop him. I thought that…”

She thought that feelings could be developed between them, and that once Julian discovered how
good Diana was, he would forget about Kayla.


She didn’t expect her grandson to be more stubborn than expected. Even so, the old woman had seen
the Julian looked at Diana over the past three years, and how Diana had treated him. They weren’t
pretending. It was also obviously not, as Julian had said, that he had purely treated Diana as Kayla’s

Unfortunately, it seemed Julian had yet to come to his senses. In the end, it didn’t matter. She would do
her best to help Julian keep Diana as her granddaughter–in–law and his wife.

However, if he crossed the line….

Madam Fulcer sighed in frustration. She comforted Diana by saying, “Diana. In my heart, you’ve never
been anyone’s substitute. You are you, and you’re unique in this world. I know that.”

Seeing how haggard Diana looked, Madam Fulcher’s eyes reddened in sympathy. “No matter what
others say, I won’t allow you to give up on yourself. I will be your support! For the rest of your life!”

Madam Fulcher’s words rang loud and clear. “I’ll even try to live a few more years for you!”

Diana was trying her best not to cry, but every word Madam Fulcher uttered pierced her heart. She
couldn’t ignore the overwhelming emotions that spread through her. “Grandma…”

She wanted to thank Madam Fulcher for rebuilding her shattered heart, and for making her, a girl no
different than an orphan, to know what it felt like to have a family that would protect her.

“No need to speak, child. I understand,” Madam Fulcher shushed Diana and held her hand. Then, the
old woman glanced at Julian and said firmly, “Come. You’ll return to the old mansion with me. We won’t
go to that run–down villa!”

“But I still have some things to pack…” Diana said as she wiped her tears with her free hand, feeling
the warmth that her grandmother brought. Smiling through her tears, she continued, “So we might have
to make a trip there after all.”

When Julian saw how neither of the women had any intention of asking him about Diana’s relocation,
he was furious and said, “How very good for you, Diana! But has Kayla forgiven you? After committing
such a huge crime, you won’t even get down on your knees and apologize sincerely?!”

“Julian Fulcher! How dare you ask Diana to kneel?” Madam Fulcher was incensed. She raised her
cane and waved it agitatedly as she spoke, “Must you insist on angering me to death today? Very well!
You might as

well do it right now! You can keep Diana in the hospital over my dead body!”

After saying that, Madam Fulcher was out of breath. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, her
eyes landed on Lyra, who was hiding behind Julian and watching the drama unfold.

Narrowing her eyes, Madam Fulcher noticed the earrings on Lyra’s ears looked familiar. She was
stunned for a moment, then she stepped forward immediately and yanked it from Lyra’s ears without a
care in the world.

“I gave these earrings to Diana! Why are you wearing them?!”

Lyra’s ears were bleeding from the excessive force, but she didn’t dare complain in the face of the old
woman’s fury. She trembled under Julian’s questioning gaze and stammered, “K–Kayla gave them to

Lyra didn’t expect that the earrings would involve Madam Fulcher!

Julian studied the earring in his grandmother’s hand. The color and style of it… He recalled seeing it in
a package Kate had sent to Diana. He also remembered seeing it on Diana’s ears when the Luke
incident happened. When he arrived at the plant to take Diana to the hospital, the earrings were no
longer on her. He hadn’t bothered about it then, thinking it to be insignificant at first. Now that he
thought about it, did it end up with Kayla giving the earrings to Lyra?

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