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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 109

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 109

Diana felt her heart melt into happy goo at Madam Fulcher’s spirited declaration.

She knew it! Grandma would always stand by her side. Even though the older woman was Julian’s
blood grandmother and Diana was an outsider, Diana always believed that Grandma would help her.

It was why she had made that call in the first place.

“Where’s Julian?” Madam Fulcher asked as she helped Diana off the floor.

Madam Fulcher looked at Diana’s swollen eyes and trembling legs. Fury burned her almost
immediately. She raised her cane and slammed it on the ground, and barked at Julian’s guards with a
voice that couldn’t be any fiercer, “Call your master this very instant!”

The bodyguards didn’t dare go against her, as she had once been a powerful figure. Plus, Julian was
known to be a filial man. They immediately rushed to the ward.

“Sir! Madam Fulcher is here, and she’s helping Madam Diana!”

Julian immediately grew stressed upon hearing those words. “Grandma’s here?”

How dare that woman bring his grandmother into this! She was really something else, all right. She
talked a lot about being filial and dutiful, but now what?

She actually called the old lady to shield her!

The guilt and remorse he felt toward Diana evaporated instantly. He said coldly, “Where are they now?”

“They’re still in the corridor. Madam Fulcher has called for you.”

When Kayla heard this, she also made to get out of bed, intending to greet the old woman. However,
Julian. stopped her. “You don’t have to go out. You’re not feeling well. I’ll go and take a look.”

“But, what if…” Kayla grabbed his hand, saying hesitantly, “Julian, don’t upset Grandma because of
me, okay?”

“You’d rarely say something like this,” Julian said as he adjusted her IV drip. “Rest well.”

Having said that, Julian strode out of the room.

When Kate and Lucy saw him leave, they rushed into the room to accompany Kayla. As for Lyra, this
was her first time seeing Julian up close. After considering her options, she decided to follow Julian and
see Madam Fulcher and Diana instead of going to Kayla.

The ridicule on Julian’s face was clear as day. Even without him saying anything, Diana knew what was
going through his mind. This time, she had nothing to explain as it was true that she had called Madam
Fulcher to

rescue her.

At this moment, the older woman was the only one she could rely on.

“Julian.” Madam Fulcher said, disappointment evident in her eyes as she saw him approaching.
“Explain yourself! Why did you treat Diana this way?”

The relationship between Julian and Diana was still fine when they left the old mansion the last time
she saw

them, and she hadn’t contacted them for fear of disturbing them. Thus, she had not expected Diana to

suffered so much in such a short time.

Diana’s face looked much thinner now, and it had only been a few days since Madam Fulcher had seen
her at

the old mansion.

Julian said nothing, his sharp eyes trained on Diana as if trying to penetrate her mind and body. With
indifference and mockery etched deep in his features and body language, he sneered disdainfully,
“Haven’t you told Grandma what you did?”

What she did?

Diana retorted, “Are you talking about the fact that right after I met Kayla, I was bold and stupid enough
to talk her into drinking poisoned juice in full view of the public, therefore ruining her voice, Mr.

“What?!” Madam Fulcher’s eyes widened in shock.

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