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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 108

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 108

Suffice to say, Oliver’s words enlightened Diana greatly.

That’s right! Why should she care about what others think? All she had to do was continue to protect
this child in her belly and keep it safe at all cost. That was her original intention; that was what
strengthened her


She couldn’t continue letting her body be treated this way.

Diana gave Oliver a grateful look. “Could you please make a phone call for me?”

“To whom?” Oliver immediately said, pulling out his phone without hesitation. “Just tell me the number,

and I’ll dial.”

Soon, the phone on Madam Fulcher’s end rang. The old woman had just returned from a walk in the
garden of the old mansion, and was relaxing in the living room.

Madam Fulcher immediately picked up the phone when she heard the maid calling out that she had
received a call. She said excitedly, “Diana? Is that you? Are you not angry with me anymore?”

The barrage of questions from the kind old woman stumped Diana. It was only when she processed
Madam Fulcher’s words that she realized that the older woman might still feel guilty about drugging
Julian some time ago.

After all, Diana had left the old mansion without saying goodbye.

Though Madam Fulcher had not said anything, she must have felt bad about the incident. With all that
had happened recently, Diana hadn’t bothered calling the old lady to greet her or chat with her. How
long had she left Madam Fulcher hanging?

Thinking about how the older woman had missed her to this extent, Diana simultaneously felt warm
and guilty. She couldn’t help but sniffle. “Grandma, I’m not even using my own phone. How did you
know it was me?”

Madam Fulcher replied pretentiously, “The phone line feels cold if Julian calls me. It only feels warm
when you do, you know?”

Such nonsense broke through Diana’s tense guard, and she snorted, “Grandma!”

In this world, if there were still people she would call family, Grandma would definitely be the first and


As for Kate…

From the beginning of this incident, every word she uttered was only concern for Kayla. Even now, after
Julian had forced Diana to kneel, Kate had never bothered to check on Diana’s well–being.

Her so–called birth mother also refused to believe that Diana was innocent.

“Diana,” the joking tone from Madam Fulcher’s voice was gone and turned somewhat serious. “What’s
wrong? Has Julian picked on you again?”

Initially, Diana thought that her hate toward Julian had filled her to the brim. Now, she realized that grief
at being wronged overwhelmed those feelings. She couldn’t hold it back anymore and cried, spilling

to the older woman on the other end.

Half an hour later, a terrifying scene unfolded in the central hospital. From the entrance to the inpatient
department, every floor was filled with black–clad bodyguards. Some of them even visibly carried

As for Madam Fulcher, she was dressed in a double–breasted coat. Her silvery–white hair was pulled
back into a bun, her turquoise earrings shone in the light as they swayed on her ears, and she looked
every inch a regal woman.

At the same time, her eyes had a touch of concern and anxiousness.

“Diana!” Madam Fulcher called out. She refused the dean, director, and other hospital staff who
approached her, making a beeline for Diana instead.

Seeing how Diana was kneeling on the ground, Madam Fulcher felt tears gather in her eyes. Her heart
ached so much, as if she was the one hurt. “Child! Get up!”

The bodyguards that Julian had left behind saw this scene and tried to stop the old woman, but Madam
Fulcher’s own bodyguards easily dealt with them.

“Don’t be scared, Diana,” Madam Fulcher said with firm determination in her eyes. “As long as I’m here,
I won’t let you suffer!”

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