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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 106

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 106

Julian’s cold voice and determined shoulders, coupled with the icy sensation she was experiencing as
her knees were forced to the floor, left a single emotion burning brightly through Diana.


She never imagined there would come a day when she would hate a single person so much, and that
was Julian Fulcher.


She hated him for never loving her once, but giving her the illusion that he did. She hated him for
treating her as Kayla’s stand–in, and the fact he would choose Kayla without fail between them.

Diana would never admit to something she had never done, much less get down on her knees like an
idiot, She would use all her power to protect her baby, and that was her determination as a mother!

Julian seemed to sense her strong resentment and spared her a final glance before entering the ward.
If all of this hadn’t happened today, he would still be walking into Diana’s ward….

He would still be there to tuck her in and bring her food. If she was angry, he would just deliver the
things and leave.

But now, Diana wasn’t even worth a hospital room. She had to pay for her recklessness and the
misdeeds she had committed today!

He turned away and took a deep breath as he walked into Kayla’s ward. As soon as he entered, he
saw how pale her face was and how swollen her eyes were. She looked like she had been crying for a
long time.

“Julian…” Tears started to pour from Kayla’s eyes again the moment she saw Julian.

Julian’s heart ached when he heard her speak. Kayla’s voice…was utterly ruined. It sounded more
severely damaged in person than when she talked to him on the phone.

Kayla had always loved being beautiful, and she also loved talking. How would she endure this? There
was nothing else she could do but cry before him.

Julian approached her and wiped her tears away tenderly. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely find a way to cure

“Don’t lie to me, Julian. The doctor already said that…” Kayla reached up to grasp her throat with a
pained look. “My condition…is hard to cure…”

“Stop it,” Julian said, seeing that it was hard for her to speak. “Just get some rest, and leave everything
to me.

Kayla was touched, knowing that she could rely on Julian’s words. “What about Diana? Will police to
deal with her since she hurt me like this?”


call the

Julian was a little evasive on this subject. He knew once he called the police, Diana’s eventual

would taint her the rest of her life.

Even though Diana was guilty, Julian knew the root cause was that he had chosen her to be Kayla’s
stand–in three years ago. If he hadn’t done such a thing, and if Diana hadn’t discovered the truth,

perhaps she wouldn’t have become angry enough to lay hands on Kayla.

However, he had already done all he could to prevent the two of them from meeting.

When the thought entered his mind, he furrowed his brows and asked Kayla, “Didn’t I tell you not to
meet her?”

Kayla was taken aback by Julian’s sudden seriousness, and immediately lowered her head. “She
insisted on coming over to get the money…”

D*mn it! It was because of the money again! When the hell was Diana’s stubbornness going to

He had clearly told her that she didn’t need to return the money, but she still racked her brains to do so!

Kayla saw Julian’s face becoming darker, and was afraid he would find out that she had caused all this
trouble in the first place. Frightened, she pushed on and said, “Since it was Mom’s birthday, we weren’t
on guard when she came asking us for the money…”


And since it was her mother’s birthday, it was impossible for Kayla not to appear before the guests.
Thus, it was only natural for the two sisters to meet.

“I’m the one to blame, Julian. I didn’t heed your advice, and…and I deserved this!”

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