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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 105

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 105

What right did Julian have to tell Diana to kneel and beg for forgiveness?

“How are you not ashamed of what you’ve done?” Julian growled, giving her a vicious glare. The slight
warmth he had shown last night was gone, replaced with utter disgust. “Didn’t I say you weren’t allowed
to meet Kayla?”

Diana recovered quickly and responded, “Did you think…that I had anything to do with Kayla’s

“You’re the one who talked Kayla into drinking that juice at the party!” Lucy and Lyra suddenly stepped
forward, pointing their fingers at Diana and exclaiming loudly for Julian to hear. “It was her! She was
jealous of Kayla, so she hurt her!”

Diana was speechless at the scene that was unfolding before her. “What proof do you have that I
poisoned. her? Just your word?”

“You still won’t show any remorse!” Julian seemed unwilling to speak another word to her. “After
meeting Kayla today, you clearly knew you were simply her stand–in, so you quickly made your move
against her!”

Diana was simply a disappointment.

Pain flashed across Julian’s eyes, and he gestured for a bodyguard who pressed Diana’s shoulder.

“Stay on your knees until she’s willing to forgive you!”

What a joke!

Diana broke free from the bodyguard’s hold and glared at him with the same amount of viciousness.
“Julian Fulcher! Am I really just Kayla’s substitute to you?”

“What else could you be?” Julian was a handsome man, but his attractive features were now cruel; his
words sharp like a blade that could cut through anyone and leave only blood in their wake. “You both
look alike. Doesn’t that speak for itself?”

“It’s no wonder you’re so afraid of me meeting her,” Diana said mockingly. “I just didn’t expect you to
admit it so brazenly.”

He had said the words so frankly that it was crystal clear to Diana that he never once loved her!

“President Fulcher, Kayla is still waiting for you inside…” Lucy couldn’t help but speak up when she
realized they were at a stalemate.

As expected, Julian hardened his heart at Lucy’s words and gave his bodyguard a look. The man
immediately held down Diana’s shoulder once more, this time with more force.

Diana was thoroughly disgusted with Julian’s tyranny. “Let go! You have no right to do this to me! Let
me go!

She didn’t expect Julian to get down on her level. His eyes were narrowed and filled with burning
emotions. as he said in a low, contemptuous voice, “I have no right?”

He snorted coldly. “In Richburgh, I am the law!”

Diana should have thought about the consequences before doing anything to Kayla.

“I won’t kneel!” Diana stubbornly said with reddened eyes, despite knowing how ruthless the man
before her was. “I had nothing to do with Kayla’s poisoning!”

It wasn’t her fault!

She even felt that Kayla had the intention to hurt her first. She immediately grasped the thought like a
lifeline and shouted, “The wine glass!”

Julian was about to enter the room when she called out, “Have someone find the wine glass in the
Winnington residence! Whether Kayla intended to harm me first or I deliberately poisoned her, we’ll
know once we find the glass!”

The more Diana said, the whiter Lucy’s face became. The paler she became, the more confident Diana

The Winningtons inviting her to the birthday banquet wasn’t to give her money at all, but to hurt her.
Only, it backfired and Kayla got a dose of her own medicine as she drank the poison before Diana.

To her surprise, Julian didn’t believe her. “Diana! The more excuses you make, the more you disgust

Was Diana a substitute for Kayla?


The man looked at her steadily, his lips pressed into a thin line as he said hatefully, “You’re not even
worthy to be Kayla’s stand–in!”

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